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One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

A boy swims in water collected from a stone spout near Bangalamukhi temple in Katmandu, Nepal. The amazing light really makes this image sing. Try shooting early in the morning or later in the day for nice warm light.

Niranjan Shrestha/AP

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A Nepalese man carries a mattress on his head in the premises of Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. The white of the building plays off the dark clouds adding contrast to the image. Try playing light and darks areas off each other to add contrast.

Navesh Chitrakar/REUTERS

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A boy dives into the water from a recreational platform at Magaluf beach, a popular tourist destination on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. Try using the environment in your images. Here the photographer submerged his camera so they could see above and below the water at the same time. *make sure you have a waterproof housing of some sort before trying this.

Enrique Calvo/REUTERS

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A visitor to the Gardens by the Bay is silhouetted against illuminated flower billboards in Singapore. The great colours and perfect framing bring the readers eye straight to the silhouette. Try using multiple techniques in your images.

Wong Maye-E/AP

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Cherish Bryck made this image of her daughter running through the sprinkler in this quintessential childhood moment. The water drops catching the afternoon as the young girl runs through the sprinkler was an easy pick for our water assignment.

Cherish Bryck

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