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Moments: Caught on Camera, July 13 to July 19

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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Children learn to roller skating on a square in Haikou in south China's Hainan province. Great interaction between the children in this image which is mirrored in their reflections.


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Jason Alessi avoids a swimmer as he jumps off a waterfall during the hot summer weather in Indian Falls, N.Y., Monday, July 16, 2012. Using a fast shutter speed everything in the frame the movement in the image is frozen and sharp. Try using a fast shutter speed to stop everything in your frame.

David Duprey/AP

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Indian artists wait to perform during a procession of "Bonalu" festival in Hyderabad, India, Monday, July 16, 2012. Bonalu is a Hindu folk festival of the Telangana region in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Great composition with the two brightly coloured faces. Try using layering in your images to give them a more dynamic look.

Mahesh Kumar A/AP

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A man feeds sparrows in Berlin's Mitte district. Using fast shutter speed the bird seems to hang in mid-air. Try using high shutter speeds to stop movement and see things your eye wouldn't normally see.

Tobias Schwarz/REUTERS

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Arthur Boutilier was looking west over Frame Lake from the Sombe K'e Civic Plaza in Yellowknife, NWT, when he spotted this bird swooping over the water. It was selected as the best photo on the theme of sunsets. Why we chose it: The bird silhouetted in the centre of the frame is the icing on the cake with the brilliant orange sunset reflected in the water showing great timing and composure.

Arthur Boutilier

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