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Moments: Caught on Camera, March 16 to March 22

Thunderstorms and a painted sky announce the coming of spring, at sunrise in Washington.

J. Scott Applewhite/J. Scott Applewhite/AP

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures.

Photo tip for March 22: Shooting at sunset or sunrise, is a great time to shoot for that dramatic sky background. Having something in the foreground, like the trees used here, just adds layers to the image. You have to set up early since you are limited for time to get the best colour in the sky. So take your tripod and find your angle, then just sit back and wait for the sun to do the rest.

Photo tip for March 21: Springtime has arrived early this year and it's a good time to get outside and play with natural light to enhance photos. This shot was taken with a telephoto lens and fast shutter speed to freeze the bee. Beautiful use of the sunlight to backlight the flowers.

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Photo tip for March 20: The obvious splash of colour and having the subjects eyes staring directly at the camera grabs your attention. Also using a shallow depth of field to blur everything except the child's face makes the eyes stand out more. Getting rid of the background by using a tight crop or focusing just on the subject in the frame can help in creating a dramatic portrait.

Photo tip for March 19: Runners blur by the photographer and as a bonus are reflected in the wet road. Choosing a low angle to shoot also a nice touch. So try mixing up your shutter speed, get down on one knee and if a rainy day look for a good reflective shot.

Photo tip for March 16: Adam Pries captured this photograph of a surfer catching air during a trip to Playa Hermosa beaches in Nicaragua. It was selected as the best submission on the theme of sports photography. Why we chose it: The surfer at the top of the wave with his arm outstretched is a nice example of peak action. Shooting before or after this moment wouldn't have the same impact.

Each weekday, our photo editors will select one compelling image for prominent play in the newspaper. On Friday, we'll publish in the newspaper our favourite reader photo from a weekly assignment. This week's assignment: Wild animals

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