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Moments: Caught on Camera, June 10 to June 14

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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A woman walks at the premises of Swayambhunath Stupa while offering prayers in Kathmandu. WHY WE PICKED IT: Highlighting the subject with sunshine produces interesting shadows on the walls amid the vivid pops of colour.

Navesh Chitrakar/REUTERS

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The helmsman steadily steers his boat during the annual Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival races in Taipei, Taiwan. WHY WE PICKED IT: This great action shot perfectly balances blurring and sharpness to capture the paddlers' motion and speed.

Wally Santana/AP Photo

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A snail crawls along a leaf during a rainy day in Toronto. WHY WE PICKED IT: By using a macro lens or by attaching extension tubes to a camera lens, the photographer is introduced to a miniature world that goes largely unseen in day-to-day life.

Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

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NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, an Expedition 36 flight engineer, using a 400mm lens on a digital still camera to photograph a target of opportunity on Earth. WHY WE PICKED IT: This shot was not about the composition or lighting enhancing the photo. It is just about the subject and amazing opportunity he has to produce some extraordinary photography from an angle reserved for a select few.


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Phil Jackman sent us this image for our negative space assignment. WHY WE PICKED IT:  The use of negative space around the rowboat demonstrates how that space becomes the subject.  The mist surrounding the boat sets the mood for this shot and creates a beautiful scene.

Phil Jackman

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