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An Indian mahout watches as seven-year old female elephant Laxmi reaches with her trunk to touch her daughter 13-month old baby elephant Rani at the Sonepur Fair, in Sonepur, Bihar, near Patna, India, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011. The fair, which is held annually, was originally a cattle and animal market where traders bought and sold livestock on the holy river Ganges. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)

Kevin Frayer/Kevin Frayer/AP

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures.

Photo tip for Nov. 17: By kneeling down and using a smaller depth of feild the photographer has created a point of interest with the man framed in the centre with the elephants trunks. Try using things to frame your main subject.

Photo tip for Nov. 16: The light in the room is being bounced off the white ceiling and diffused through the umbrellas, falling lightly on the shopkeeper's face. By kneeling down and shooting upwards, the umbrellas fill the frame.

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Photo tip for Nov. 15: There is some great layering happening in this image by composing the it with one giraff in the foreground and the others in the back. This helps give some depth to the picture making it more interesting visually. Look for layers when your composing your images.

Photo tip for Nov. 14: By composing the image with the wedding aprty on the left it plays off the negative space on the right of the image. The splash of colur draws the readers eye straight to the subject.

Photo tip for Nov. 11: Daniel Gueorguiev stood among the rush hour traffic at a busy Toronto intersection, set his shutter speed to 1/15, and captured this bicyclist in action. It was selected as the best submission of photos using the panning technique. Why we chose it: This photo accomplishes what good panning should do: it captures the speed and motion of a moving subject. While your eye is drawn to parts in focus, the whole photo is framed nicely with the background featuring a break between two buildings. Even when your background is blurred, consider the composition of your entire photograph for exceptional results.

Each weekday, our photo editors will select one compelling image for prominent play in the newspaper. On Friday, we'll publish in the newspaper our favourite reader photo on a weekly theme. This week's assignment: Pets

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