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Moments: Caught on Camera, Sept. 24 to 30

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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A paramilitary police officer stands guard at Beijing's Tiananmen Gate. Using the existing light in the square creates a nice contrast between the blackened-out bridge and red background. The hint of a subject in the frame is just enough to give some scale to image.


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The sun shines on a man as he sleeps on a park bench in central Beijing. The man catching a quick nap on a park bench stands out in the loosely composed frame as he is illuminated by the sun peaking through the trees.

David Gray/REUTERS

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A tuk-tuk driver drives through the rain on the streets of Colombo in Sri Lanka. There is a great sense of movement and place in this picture. By exposing for the dark ambient light outside of the vehicle, the photographer created fantastic motion blur while silhouetting the driver.

Philip Brown/REUTERS

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Traffic on Dundas St. West reflected in the glass exterior of the Galleria Italia at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Reflective surfaces can create interesting photographs. Try looking for some in your own city. Shoot from different angles and watch your lighting and exposure to get the right results.

Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

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Dustin Abbott of Pembrooke, Ont., decided to shoot some autumn leaves on a rainy day last week. "I had to get a little wet, but the end results made it very worth it," he said. His macro photo was selected as the best submission on the theme of autumn. Check back for our reason.

Dustin Abbott

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