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Globe reader images of remembering our veterans and fallen soldiers

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Don Landry photo: Harvard Flyby, Remembrance Day - Three wartime era Harvards fly over Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Toronto. November 11, 2010.

Don Landry/Don Landry

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David Forbes photo: Moment of reflection - Young people across Canada volunteered to spend time participating in Remembrance Day events. This is in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

David Forbes/David Forbes

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David MacRury photo: Remembrance Day in Sydney N.S.

David MacRury/David MacRury

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David MacRury photo: Remembrance Day, Sydney Nova Scotia

David MacRury/David MacRury

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Don Landry photo: Remembrance Day, 2010 - Crowd gathers before the Cenotaph at Toronto's Old City Hall, prior to Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Don Landry/Don Landry

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Larry Kwan photo: Calgary Remembers 2010 - These crosses are erected on Memorial Drive each year to commemorate fallen soldiers from the city. The city lights of Chinatown and the Bow Tower are in the background.

Larry Kwan/Larry Kwan

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Matthew Thomas photo - Canadian soldiers relax after the battle of Courcellette - The man with the captured German helmet sitting to the left of the truck's driver was my grandfather, John 'Joe' Elton. He served with the 24th Battalion, the Victoria Rifles of Montreal.

Matthew Thomas/Matthew Thomas

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Don Landry photo: Remembrance Day, 2010 - A Remembrance Day flag flutters in the breeze near Toronto's Old City Hall.

Don Landry/Don Landry

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Warren Brown shot this image with an iPhone

Warren Brown/Warren Brown

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Warren Brown shot this image with an iPhone

Warren Brown/Warren Brown

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Merika Ramundo photo: Remembrance Day 2010 at McGill University - This is a picture of the canons being fired in front of the Arts Building.

Merika Ramundo/Merika Ramundo

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Sgt Gemma Bibby photo, sent to us by A. Belyea, who writes "On Nov 11th, please remember the 152 lost souls and the hundreds of others who will carry scars from the Afghan war with them for the rest of their lives." This image is of the repatriation of Private Garrett Chidley, Michelle Lang, Corporal Zachery McCormak, Sergeant George Miok and Sergeant Kirk Taylor, who were killed when their vehicle hit an IED on Dec. 30, 2009. The ramp ceremony took place on Jan. 01, 2010 at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

Sgt Gemma Bibby/Sgt Gemma Bibby

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Mark Robins photo: Edward Victor Young - My great grandfather in the trenches (circled) in 1912 -1914

Mark Robins/Mark Robins

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Peter Robinson photo: My grandfather Edward Clement who died May 8, 1918, from his wounds suffered in a German gas attack a few days earlier. This photo is the only picture I have to remember him by.

Peter Robinson/Peter Robinson

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Helen Pettingill photo: Remembrance Day - This is my father, Tom Pettingill, 86, of Norval ON. He's wearing his old British navy uniform (which still fits after all those years). Methinks he looks mighty fine in it.

Helen Pettingill/Helen Pettingill

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Steve Turner photo: Grandpa going off to fight the Kaiser - My Grandpa, John Turner, paddled for two days to reach the recruiting depot in Elk Lake. He served with the 6th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops in 1917-18.

Steve Turner/Steve Turner

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Mark Robins photo: Edward Victor Young - My great grandfather about to leave Toronto for England around 1912-1914.

Mark Robins/Mark Robins

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Mark Robins photo: Edward Victor Young - My great grandfather about to deploy from England. 1912-1914

Mark Robins/Mark Robins

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R. Stark photo: National Remembrance Day ceremony 2009

R. Stark/R. Stark

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James Cousins photo: Gabe Cousins-Royal Navy - My father as a young seaman-he was in the war at 18-years-old and helped the soldiers escape from Dunkirk! Served mostly in the North Africa and Malta area!

James Cousins/James Cousins

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Deborah Gignac photo: Remembrance Day photo - This photo is from the HMCS Uganda, March 1945. The gentleman holding his gloves is my father, Harold James Jessop, who was a 4"gunner during the Second World War.

Deborah Gignac/Deborah Gignac

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Michael Baker photo: Remembrance Day: Vimy Cemetery: It's a bit difficult referring to a 16 year old as a "veteran" or "war hero". Offering oneself up for the supreme sacrifice at 16 certainly brings poingnancy to discussions about duty.

Michael Baker/Michael Baker

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ZOIEY COBB photo: A Veteran's walk through history - I took this photo of my Pop (Al Penney, St. John's, NL) when we took a tour of WWI battlefields in 2007. A veteran himself, he was touched with the opportunity to pay respect to fellow Newfoundlanders


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Matthew J. Baird photo: Gallipoli - This picture was taken in the fields of Gallipoli in Turkey where 130,000 soldiers lost their life, including 49 from Newfoundland.

Matthew J. Baird/Matthew J. Baird

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Simon Cai photo: Vimy Ridge Ceremony - Picture of the Vidge Ridge Memorial during the Rememberance Week Ceremony on Nov 7th 2010 near Vimy, Pas-de-Calais, France

Simon Cai/Simon Cai

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MARIANN MCWATTERS-DEWES photo: Cline McWatters - This picture of my Father was taken in 1939 as he prepared to leave for Europe where he served for 6 years during WWII


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Janice S. Walter photo: Remembrance Day Photo - My 14 year old son Sean Walter, an Air Cadet with the 862 Lambeth Lightening in Lambeth Ontario. He was very proud to represent and honour military forces by standing guard at my workplace ceremony.

Janice S. Walter/Janice S. Walter

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John Beatty photo: My Sister Liz at Vimy Memorial - This is a picture of my sister that I took last year at Vimy. We went for Remembrance Day Ceremonies. It is not posed, I just snapped it of her.

John Beatty/John Beatty

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Brenda Christiansen photo: Dundrave Village, West Vancouver

Brenda Christiansen/Brenda Christiansen

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