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Globe readers have shared thousands of photos with us. This gallery is a collection of our favourite submissions from the past week. If you'd like to share your photos with our readers, join our Flickr pool or use our custom upload tool. To learn more, click on the "Reader Photos" tab above and view any gallery for the links.

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'At work at dawn' was uploaded to our Flickr pool by louise@toronto. The photo was taken at Cherry Beach, Toronto.


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This image was taken by Cara Grimshaw (kiwinky on Flickr), and uploaded to our Flickr pool.

Cara Grimshaw

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Daniel Gueorguiev (DdotG on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. He writes, "I'm starting a bit of a project and this is the introductory shot. In this project, I will attempt to capture Toronto in a way that conveys motion, action and dynamics. That is one of the things that has fascinated me about urban environments, especially in large cities - how they are like living, breathing organisms in constant movement." View more of Daniel's photography at

Daniel Gueorguiev

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'East Van' by Peter Taylor (petertaylor on Flickr) was uploaded to our pool. He writes: "The 'east van' sign at Clark Drive is by artist Ken Lum, part of the Olympic public art program. One of the more interesting legacies of the recent Olympics."


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'Fishing' by Lisa Moffatt (concrete_jungler101 on Flickr). The photo was taken on a drive from Vancouver to Calgary, just east of Banff.

Lisa Moffatt

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Collette v on Flickr uploaded this image to our pool of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia.

collette v

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Sarah Gould (*lemur* on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. She took it on Little Poplar Bay in Lake of the Woods, Ont.

Sarah Gould

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Tom Ryaboi (tomms on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. He says: "The sun rises over the financial district in Toronto. Shot just after 6 a.m., the super wide angle view was achieved through a fisheye lens." See more of his photos at

Tomer Ryaboi/Tom Ryaboi

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dan cronin.jpg uploaded this image to our Flickr pool. It's a shot of the swing ride at the CNE, Toronto.

dan cronin.jpg

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David G. Tran on Flickr uploaded this photo of the 2010 Canadian International Air Show in Toronto. He took it on Sunday, Sept. 5, during the F16's final flyby of its performance. See more of his photos at

David G. Tran

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'Wave Watching' by Michael Mitchener (micgormit on Flickr). He writes: Taken on a stormy Saturday afternoon at the base of the "Waterworks" water filtration plant in Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood. This is a great spot for wave watching and walking the dog. Visit to see more of this photographer's work.

Michael Mitchener/Michael Mitchener

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Nathan Thomas (animatedthomas on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. See more of his photos at

Peter Hogan/Nathan Thomas

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