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Globe readers have shared thousands of photos with us. This gallery is a collection of our favourite submissions from the past week. If you'd like to share your photos with our readers, join our Flickr pool or use our custom upload tool. To learn more, click on the "Reader Photos" tab above and view any gallery for the links.

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Daniel Gueorguiev (DdotG on Flickr) uploaded this image titled ‘Soar’ to our pool. He writes, “Sometimes all you have to do is look up.”

Daniel Gueorguiev/Daniel Gueorguiev

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Darren Smith (Xenotar35 on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. “I took that shot during the latest annual 'paint in' on Moss St. in Victoria. It was like Woodstock along a residential street. Really neat to see so many people in one spot. I don't know the artist or the title of the painting. I simply asked to take the photo, did, and then moved on.

Darren Smith/Darren Smith

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Julie Grenier sent us this photo. Cousins Mackenzie, 4, and Avery, 3, decked out in matching dresses, enjoy the wonders of a parachute at a family reunion in Cypress River, Man.

Julie Grenier/Julie Grenier

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ana_lee_smith ( uploaded this image to our pool of mime artist Kate Mior as a living statue of Marie Antoinette at last weekend's Toronto Buskerfest.


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Dave Bross uploaded this image to our Flickr pool of his four-year-old nephew Nathan Goldwasser flipping into the pool.

Dave Bross/Dave Bross

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Chantal Moore (anotherplainjane on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool. It was taken at Granville Island, Vancouver.

Chantal Moore/Chantal Moore

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Adam Bender uploaded this image to our Flickr pool of Jaws and Sunshine.

Adam Bender/Adam Bender

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David Cheresna ( on Flickr) uploaded this shot to our pool at the outdoor market in St. Jacobs, Ontario.

David Cheresna/David Cheresna

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Keith Armstrong ( ) uploaded this image of the Chapel of St. James-the-Less, in Toronto’s Cabbagetown

Keith Armstrong/Keith Armstrong

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Steve Rosset uploaded this image to our Flickr pool take on Moraine Lake in Alberta

Steve Rosset/Steve Rosset

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David Anderson sent us this photo taken on Toronto’s Centre Island.

David Anderson/David Anderson

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Tom Wiebe uploaded this image to our Flickr pool. He writes, "The perfect foodstuff, small, portable, deep fried, covered in sugar and cinnamon. Those Little Donuts might just be the cure for world hunger. At the very least, they're reason enough to go to the PNE all on their own."

Tom Wiebe/Tom Wiebe

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Melissa McFadden (Florence Eva on Flickr) uploaded this image to our pool of Vancouver’s planetarium.

Melissa McFadden/Melissa McFadden

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Paul Zevenhuizen sent us this fairground shot he titled simply 'Heaven'

Paul Zevenhuizen/Paul Zevenhuizen

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