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Globe readers have shared thousands of photos with us. This gallery is a collection of our favourite submissions from the past week. If you'd like to share your photos with our readers, join our Flickr pool or use our custom upload tool. To learn more, click on the "Reader Photos" tab above and view any gallery for the links.

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Marcel Caissie (spey2008 on Flickr) took this photo in his backyard in Moncton.

Marcel Caissie

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Michel (Mike) Soucy (michelsoucy on Flickr) took this photo in Kingston, Ont.

Photographer: Michel (Mike) Souc/Michel (Mike) Soucy

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Ronnie Yip (ronnieyip on Flickr) took this photo outside the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

ronnie.yip/Ronnie Yip

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David Overall (also David Overall on Flickr) took this photo in Nahanni, Northwest Territories. See more of his photos at

David Overall

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Richard Gottardo (also his name on Flickr) took a break from shooting weddings to snap some shots of his dog, Peanut. More work can be viewed at

Richard Gottardo

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Jennifer Tse (jentse on Flickr) took this photo. She writes: I've found that the gift of a higher vantage point is all in the perspective. Not only are you able to see more in a quantitative sense, covering more distance with your eyes, but you are also able to see more of what you already see -- in other words, how height can alienate, redefine, and add something more to the familiar. Something like a portable toilet on a construction site seems obvious, right? Of course workers need to answer nature's call while working atop an unfinished building. But at first glance, this scene was jarring to me. What is that doing there? A precariously placed potty, indeed.

Jennifer Tse

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Ronnie Yip (ronnieyip on Flickr) took this photo near Toronto's city hall.

ronnie.yip/Ronnie Yip

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Michael Kalus uploaded this photo to our Flickr pool. You can see more of his photos at

Michael Kalus

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Thom Evered (thomevered on Flickr) took this photo, "Rusty Bug," just north of Guelph, Ont.

Thom Evered

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Luke Tyszkiewicz (stillsinflux on Flickr) uploaded this photo of the Toronto skyline to our pool. See more of his photos at

Luke Tyszkiewicz

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