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Our Photo Desk call-out for reader photos for the week of Jan. 21-27 is on the theme of architecture. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in the Jan. 28 print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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Michael Ong photo: Marina Bay Sands Casino / Hotel - Newly opened Marina Bay Sands Casino/Hotel designed by Moshe Safdie

Michael Ong

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Anthony Broski photo: Three Centuries of Architecture - Visible in this photograph are buildings spanning 3 centuries of American architecture. The Old State House in Mass. is the oldest US federal building.

Anthony Broski

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Dana Smith photo: Lord Lansdowne - Lord Lansdowne P.S. located on Spadina Circle, the building oozes art-deco style architecture from the clean lines to the multi coloured spiral smoke stack. Taken Dec. 31st.

Dana Smith

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Ted Glenn photo: Tiger's Nest, Bhutan - Tiger's Nest, a prominentHimalayan Buddhist temple, was built in 1692 in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley, Bhutan.

Ted Glenn

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Michael Ong photo: ION Shopping Mall - Ion Shopping Mall on Orchard Road Singapore

Michael Ong

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Paula Gomez photo: Twin Towers of Mississauga - This is the new landmark of Mississauga, and I call them the Twin Towers of Mississauga.

Paula Gomez/Paula Gomez

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Ken Falk photo: Arches, El Alhambra, Granada, Spain - Inside El Alhambra 2007

Ken Falk

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Michael Kilpatrick photo: Trump Tower, Chicago - Chicago's 92 Storey Trump Tower on a cloudy fall day.

Michael Kilpatrick

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Sandro Del Re photo: New York - Empire State Building from Chelsea Market.

Sandro Del Re

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Ken Falk photo: Wall Centre Vancouver - Sunset in Dec 2007

Ken Falk

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Jason Susinski photo: Casas colgadas - Hanging houses in Cuenca, Spain

Jason Susinski

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Darryl MacMillan photo: Sagrada Família Nov. 17/08 - Antonio Gaudi's masterpiece la Sagrada Família is still under construction almost 130 years after it began. This photo is taken from the top of Montjuic (12 km away). Photo taken: Nov 17 2008

Darryl MacMillan

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Sandro Del Re photo: Mississauga City Hall - Grand Staircase - Shot of the Grand Staircase of the Mississauga City Hall.

Sandro Del Re

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Simon Richard Farrow photo: Not your typical Las Vegas Building - Frank Gehry's Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health in Las Vegas, opened in 2010. I took the photo last November.

Simon Richard Farrow

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Ann Wallace photo: The Design Museum, Holon, near Tel Aviv, Israel - opened to the public in March 2010. The building's exterior is shrouded by a sinuous ribbon facade composed of five bands of steel.

Ann Wallace

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Darrell Chaddock photo; Terminal 3, Beijing Capital Airport - Interior of train station linking Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital Airport to downtown Beijing.

Darrell Chaddock/Darrell Chaddock

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Klara Todorovich photo: TD Tower - My husband used to work in one of the TD towers and often sat during his lunch hour outside on the benches and enjoyed the view. He recently passed on and I don't have any idea of the specs.

Klara Todorovich

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Sean Sinden photo: "The Dancing House" - Taken in Prague, Czech Republic. October 6, 2010

Sean Sinden

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Terence Marner photo: St. Paul's Cathedral, London, U.K. - Taken November 7th 2010. The cathedral used to stand in an open space but Sir Christopher Wren's design still looks magnificent even when "boxed in" by contemporary architecture

Terence Marner

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Michael Ong photo: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

Michael Ong

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Michael Derblich photo: 10 Dundas East - The much-criticized building is actually a great example of form following function. Ads on the outside as is the theme of Dundas square, and an interesting layout for retail and entertainment inside.

Michael Derblich

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Dorothy Hall photo: Ceiling Detail - Interior detail of I M Pei's Museum Of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, 09.

Dorothy Hall

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Bob Hambly photo: South Beach Hotel - One of the classic art deco hotels in Miami's South Beach.

Bob Hambly

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Mark McVittie photo: Morning Sunshine - Vatican

Mark McVittie

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Henry Tsang - 111 Sussex, Ottawa - A beautiful building, it was used as a City Hall for Ottawa once upon a time...

Henry Tsang

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James Swartz photo: Venice San Marco Horses - There was so much to see in Venice but I loved these horses. After taking their photos I patted each one on the leg. More photos of Venice at

James Swartz

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Charlie Gregory (aka selrahcyrogerg) photo: Adobe House Baja Mexico - Baja Mexico, south near Los Cabos, in that area near the Sea of Cortes, where John Steinbeck and his friend Ed Ricketts (Doc) went looking for sea specimens.

Charlie Gregory

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Lee Gunderson photo: 1650 era Mexican architecture, still in use - This old building done with adobe brick sits in Old Mazatlan. Still in use, it promises to last another 100 years, well, we hope so.

Lee Gunderson

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Michael Ong photo: Entrance to ION Shopping Mall's underground Shopping Arcade

Michael Ong

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Garrick Ng photo: Sydney Opera House at Dawn

Garrick Ng

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George Boyer photo: Second Floor of 17 Toronto St. Toronto Ontario. Taken Jan. 15, 2011, Pentax K200d, Fujinon EBC 55mm lens

George Boyer

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Dan McCann photo: Casa Battlo - Architect - Antoni Gaudi, Photo - October 2010

Dan McCann

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Chuck Barsony photo: Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga - Designed by Tye Farrow of the farrow Partenership of Toronto, this hospital expansion used glulam beams in a most ingenious manner to enhance the overall design and the interior of the building.

Chuck Barsony

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Dan McCann photo: Hotel Marques de Riscal - El Ciego Spain - Architect - Frank Gehry, Photo May 2009


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Deb Horvath-Dori photo: One KL - One KL in Kuala Lumpur. 94 apartments, 95 infinity pools. One yellow life raft (bottom right). Photo taken December 26, 2010.

Deb Horvath-Dori/Deb Horvath-Dori

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Chuck Kuhn photo: Arc de Tromphe Close Up - Captured in 2008 the Are de Tromphe near the end of the day.

Chuck Kuhn

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Matthew Vezina photo: Temple of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza, Piste, Mexico - The Temple of Kukulkan is built to function as a caledar for the Maya people of Chichen Itza.

Matthew Vezina

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Dan McCann photo: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao - Frank Gehry's masterpiece, May 2009


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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: Thissios Temple - Another wonderful example of the ancient Greeks ability to construct beautiful marble buildings about 2500 years ago

Christos Kyrtsakas

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Barbara Baker photo: Dec 2010 Ski Patrol Hut Continental Divide Sunshine Village Banff at - 30 C.

Barbara Baker

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Deb Horvath-Dori photo: Skybridge, Petronas Twin Towers - The skybridge between the 41st and 42nd floors of the Petronas Twin Towers. Photo taken December 26, 2010.

Deb Horvath-Dori

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Gillian Japal photo: Dusk on a Canvas of Glass - A rush hour view of Mississauga construction as dusk descends upon the city.

Gillian Japal

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John Scherk photo: South side of AGO, January 2011 - The south side taken in the light of a winter afternoon

John Scherk

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Amie Schaufele photo: Barcelona Beach - A sculpture on the beach appears to dwarf the luxurious W Hotel. Taken in Barcelona, Spain, in Feb/10

Amie Schaufele/Amie Schaufele

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Jonathan Ritter photo: Seattle Space Needle - Built for the 1962 World's Fair, Seattle's iconic Space Needle continues to be the city's most recognizable architectural landmark. Photographed January 2011.

Jonathan Ritter/Jonathan Ritter

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Maryse Tremblay photo: Petronas Towers - located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were the tallest building in the world for 6 years until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004.

Maryse Tremblay/Maryse Tremblay

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Max MacDonald photo: Flatiron - Shot January 7 2011, using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5.

Max MacDonald/Max MacDonald

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Andrew Hwang photo: Starck Dragon Column - One of the many columns in the open atrium of the multimedia public library, la Alhóndiga, in the city of Bilbao designed by Philippe Starck. Photo taken December 2010.

Andrew Hwang/Andrew Hwang

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Glenna Lane photo: Homes in the Nob Hill District of San Francisco - San Francisco, CA

Glenna Lane

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Sharon McMillan photo: Machu Picchu - Architecture the best of construction and design Machu Picchu - 5 PM August 20, 2010 - close-up of Urban Eastern Sector and Industrial District taken from the terraces. Deserted, note construction and design, built 7,000 ft atop a mtn, 500 + yrs ago.

Sharon McMillan

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Maryse Tremblay photo: Esplanade - Singapore - Esplanade Art Centre. Inaugurated in October 2002. Nicknamed 'The Durian' becaused it is shapel like the fruit.

Maryse Tremblay/Maryse Tremblay

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Paul O'Connor photo: Smoke and Mirrors - Taken summer 2010 in Toronto

Paul O'Connor

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Kaitlyn Little photo: Brooklyn Bridge - Picture of Brooklyn Bridge taken November 28 2010, in New York City, stunning architecture that combines function and 18th century design.

Kaitlyn Little

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Lee Gunderson photo: The light in August: Chengdu, China - This give's a good impression of the effect of the old city of Chengdu with it's curves, tiles and wood frames. Stunning to say the least. The light accentuates the scene.

Lee Gunderson

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Maryse Tremblay photo: Hawa Mahal - (Palace of Winds) Jaipur, India. Built in 1799. Unique 5 storey exterior is also akin to the honeycomb of a behive, with its 953 small windows.

Maryse Tremblay

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Red building the entrance of the Red Square - Moscow Russia

Philip Neelamegam

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Jean McKenzie Leiper photo: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris - This photo was taken at the peak of the blossom season in April 2010.

Jean McKenzie Leiper

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Patti Baldwin photo: The Royal Mile - Edinburgh -stepping back in time

Patti Baldwin

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Mossaic work - inside the Church of our savior on spilled blood - St Petersburg Russia.

Philip Neelamegam

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Patti Baldwin McCann photo: Edinburgh - lots of folks from all over the world stay here to explore the amazing old city of Edinburgh down the Royal Mile

Patti Baldwin McCann

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James Swartz photo: Old City Hall - The gargoyle on Toronto's Old City Hall photographed by James Swartz. More images at

James Swartz

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Palace Square - St Petersburg - Palace Square is considered to be the city's main square and serves as an excellent example of how different architectural styles can be combined in a most elaborate and aesthetically pleasing way

Philip Neelamegam

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Marla Mayson photo: Sweeping Victory - Main Stadium (partial view) constructed for the 2009 World Games held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Marla Mayson

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Andrew Hwang photo: Basque Health Department Headquarters - Located in Bilbao. Photo taken Dec 2010.

Andrew Hwang

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Anthony Broski photo: Through the Fog - The gothic structure in the foreground is eerily oversadowed by the modern glass building hiding in the fog on a rainy morning in Boston.

Anthony Broski/Anthony Broski

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Andrew Hwang photo: Zubizuri - Santiago Calatrava's Zubizuri, which translates literally to "white bridge in Basque, in the city of Bilbao. Photo taken in December 2010.

Andrew Hwang

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Red Square - Moscow - Moscow's Red Square earned its name not from the red walls of the Kremlin, nor from the traditional symbol of Communism, but from the Russian word for "red" -many centuries ago also meant beautiful

Philip Neelamegam

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Marla Mayson photo: Downward Spiral - Backstage staircase at the Minato Mirai Concert Hall, Kyoto,Japan

Marla Mayson

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Greg Lindsay photo: Aria Resort Hotel 7 Casino, Las Vegas - Taken last New Year's Eve on our Vegas getaway and before the Nellie concert.

Greg Lindsay

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Hot Springs - Inside this building you will find Hot Springs - Kislovodsk - Russia

Philip Neelamegam/Philip Neelamegam

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Anthony Broski photo: Reflection of Beauty - The gothic cathedral is reflected in the windows of a modern glass skyscraper on a very foggy day in Boston last October.

Anthony Broski

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Mark Karjaluoto photo: False Creek Curves - I snapped this building while on a walk in Vancouver during a vacation. My fiancee said it looked like something out of a sci-fi film.

Mark Karjaluoto/Mark Karjaluoto

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Patti Baldwin McCann photo: Wedding Cake House - built by George W. Bourne in 1825 situated in Kennebunk, Maine. He built this most usual home for his new bride!

Patti Baldwin McCann/Patti Baldwin McCann

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Chris Hills photo: Coptic Christian Cathedral, Aswan, Egypt - This beautiful building overlooks the Nile and Elephantine Island. August 2010

Chris Hills

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Chris Hills photo: The Mohammed Ali Mosque, Cairo - Interior deatil of the main dome. August 2010

Chris Hills

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Bert Stakenborg photo: Liege-Guillemins Railway Station, Belgium - Architect: Santiago Caltrava (New York) Designed: 1997; completed September 2009 Photo Date: January 2011 Steel and glass roof rises 115 feet above the platforms.

Bert Stakenborg

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Tony R. Wagstaff photo: Parliament Buildings, Ottawa - Magnificent architecture at sunset.

Tony R. Wagstaff

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Tony R. Wagstaff photo: Elora, Ontario - A building with flare!

Tony R. Wagstaff

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Tom Dault photo: The Sphinx observatory and research station as well as a hotel carved into the side of the Bernese Alps at Jungfraujoch (3571m).

Tom Dault/Tom Dault

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Jim Shaw photo: Downtown Toronto in The early Morning Light.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Nicole Hawkins photo: Nordea Bank, Copenhagen - The Nordea Bank buildings in Copehnagen, shot from across the water.

Nicole Hawkins

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Jim Shaw photo: Massey hall, The Manulife building and The Scotia Tower Early in the morning . A mix of architecture by time and design.

Jim Shaw

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Katie Baglole photo: The Dancing House in Prague - designed by Frank Gehry, it resembles a pair of dancers swaying in the streets of Prague.

Katie Baglole

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Lisa Binns photo: Simple Beauty - Architecture is all around us. Sometimes it takes a moment to stop and look to notice how truly amazing it is, or for it to be framed in a certain way. This picture was taken at the Metropolitan Museum

Lisa Binns

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Katie Baglole photo: The Chrysler Building - New York City's Chrysler Building had a brief 11 month stint as world's tallest building in the 1930's.

Katie Baglole

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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: Arc de Triomphe staircase - The view down the spiral staircase

Christos Kyrtsakas

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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: Hotel entrance in Mykonos - Quaint, whitewashed and typical Mykonos architecture

Christos Kyrtsakas

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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: Hotel des Invaildes - The ceiling above Napoleon's tomb

Christos Kyrtsakas

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