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Our Photo Desk call-out for reader photos for the week of Jan. 28-Feb. 3 is on the theme of children at play. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in the Feb. 4 print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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Rushmi Hasham photo: Peek-a-Boo - A simple and spontaneous game of peek-a-boo turned in to a memorable photograph capturing the fun of a warm spring day. Featured in the photograph is Natalie Hasham (8) and Nicole Hasham (3).

Rushmi Hasham

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Ken Falk

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Shawna Silver photo: Superhero brothers - It's never too early for dress-up! My two oldest sons Nate (L) and Harry (R) love to dress-up as superheroes, sometimes as soon as they wake up.

Shawna Silver

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Kelly Hodgkin photo: kids at play - My son Nixon (4yrs) at christmas this year had asked Santa for a fluffly blue dinosaur. He was so happy to see it!

Kelly Hodgkin

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Tony R. Wagstaff photo: Driving - Driving a vehicle is a serious business..........Yeh right!

Tony R. Wagstaff

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Kim Velocci Leite photo: Snow Day February 2, 2011 - Cooper looks so cute in the snow!

Kim Velocci Leite

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Alice Agar photo: Child at play - taken summer 2009 at a fair in Windsor

Alice Agar

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Ruby Bagga photo: Merry Go Round! Our 6 month old's first Merry Go Round ride!

Ruby Bagga

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Alice Agar photo: Feeding the birds - Taken winter 2010 in Rideau canal area

Alice Agar

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Anne Totten photo: Thoughts of summer - Trucks and endless sand! Happy thoughts of our summer vacation at Nova Scotia's Northumberland Shore.

Anne Totten

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Carey Hyndman photo: Two in a swing - Morgan and Haven enjoying summertime in Saskatoon!

Carey Hyndman

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Ken Kleiner photo: Fall reflections - Every fall we capture the brief spendor of Alberta's fall with our children at a local part. This shot was snapped as our son was passing the time throwing rocks into a shallow stream at a local park.

Ken Kleiner

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Bill Lockington photo: Peek-a-Boo - Children playing in the street of Havana, Cuba, Week of December 9-16, 2010.

Bill Lockington

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James Swartz photo: Best Friends on the Breakwall - A fabulous day spent together as waves crashed over the breakwall completely soaking both boys. August 2010 on Lake Huron. Photos byToronto photographer at

James Swartz

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Andre Kleynhans photo: Simple play - All it takes is a stone, a stick a step and lots of imagination Acre, Israel

Andre Kleynhans

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Paula Waatainen photo: Havana good time - Cuban school children rush to play with a new inflatable soccer net and ball, part of a donation of school supplies collected and delivered by students from Rockridge Secondary in West Vancouver.

Paula Waatainen

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Shawn Houghtling photo: The boys skating at the Toronto waterfront.

Shawn Houghtling

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Mary-Anne Ferry photo: Behind the wheel - Enjoying a fall day at Applewood Farms, the boys fight for the driver's seat behind the tractor wheel.

Mary-Anne Ferry

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Gary Ockenden photo: Girls selecting cars - While in Barra de Navidad Mexico this week, we watched these young schoolgirls select their rides. In fact, I contributeed a few pesos to them for the 2 peso fare to start one of these vehicles.

Gary Ockenden

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Heather Johnston photo: First winter in Canada... There is always hockey at our great neighbourhood rink in Ottawa.

Heather Johnston

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Mary Frances Hill photo: Two goofballs and their - On a typical playdate, my son Lucas and his friend build a snazzy living room fort with a hockey net, four kitchen chairs, a bedsheet and four flannel blankets.

Mary Frances Hill

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Lee Gunderson photo: Time out for caterpillars - This little guy couldn't resist these tent caterpillars. All decked out for church and there he goes. Kids will be, you know.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: Tired of playing with balloons - Exhausted, Nixon takes a break from the party and the balloons to strike a 'time-out' pose.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: Playing with the deer in the forest - We go out and find the deer on their paths in the forest. It is our favorite past-time. One can get very close to them if you know their habits and how to approach.

Lee Gunderson

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Solomon Birenbaum photo: He who slings mud generally loses ground...

Solomon Birenbaum

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Chris Hills photo: Cousins on the hill! - Enjoying Winter to the utmost! January 30/11 at the Pinery Park.

Chris Hills

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Janet Gerrath photo: Multicoloured Masterpiece - My 5 year old son wants to be an artist when he grows up. Here he is doing what he loves best - painting! Date taken: December 9, 2010.

Janet Gerrath

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Jim Dodd photo; Game On! January 16th, 2011: Jacob and Evan take a pause to get photographed on a perfect winter day in Kitchener.

Jim Dodd

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Barb McDougall photo: painting faces - Erin paints her younger sister Ella's face for 'dress up". This photo was taken last summer in Ottawa.

Barb McDougall

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S Ripley photo: Children at play "Monkey See..." - My six-year-old niece didn't need much encouragemnet to pose in front of the camera, though some cues from her grandpa likely helped.

S Ripley

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Penny Cadrain photo: Making Vietnamese spring rolls - Sam and Oliver love to cook

Penny Cadrain

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Sarah Shepherd photo: Kid in a hay stack - Our local fall fair, "Brackendale Fall Fair Day, September 2010" had a stack of hay for kids to play in. Who kne hay would make the kids go crazy?

Sarah Shepherd

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ian m photo: children at play in california

ian m

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Aoife Nally photo: My Nephews Going wild after Christmas Dinner, too many Chocs!

Aoife Nally

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Jaclyn Appleby photo: Puppy Love - Our daughter loves our dog Takeo, and apparently the feeling is mutual.

Jaclyn Appleby

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Chris Hills photo: No Winter blues here! Powering down the toboggan hill at the Pinery Park.

Chris Hills

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Jim Shaw photo: Children at Play - Jan. 29, 2011 - An Angel Left By a busy Boy Playing in The Snow In Coburg Ont.

Jim Shaw

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James Swartz photo: Everyone loves Thomas - With some foam, string, paint and a hot glue gun everyone's favorite costume to play in was Thomas. Courtlandt would pretend to be Thomas for hours. Photos at

James Swartz

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Dianne Robinson photo: Soccer in Burma - Children play wherever they can. In this case, on a bit of grass near the docks in Burma. And with a homemade soccer ball.

Dianne Robinson

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Barb McDougall photo: Doing the splits! Ollie (our grandson) is enjoying the trampoline on his summer vacation in Victoria - August 2010.

Barb McDougall

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Heather Bell photo: Busker in training - After concentrating on her instructor, this little one was happy to give the ring a go. This shot was taken at Toronto's Busker Fest 2008.

Heather Bell

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James Swartz photo: Darth Mal - The joy of acting becomes a strong influence in this young artist's future as many of Courtlandt's later paintings are of Medeival Knights, and Tall Ships. Art and photos at

James Swartz

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Candace Jones photo: Soccer Fun - June 20, 2010 - Our son playing soccer

Candace Jones

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Ian McLeod photo: children at play in Muskoka

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Christine McCardell photo: My nephew -- "Climbing for Coconuts" (March 2009) Grand Cayman Island

Christine McCardell

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Karen Mason-Bennett photo: Hanging Around - A day at the park when our son was 6-months old. March 2006.

Karen Mason-Bennett

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Leah Shannon photo: Riley's ride home - Riley Smaller gets a ride home from Grampa and Farmor after an afternoon of tobaggoning at Dufferin Grove Park. January 2011.

Leah Shannon

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Marla Mayson photo: Hockey exercises - During hockey practice, one of several strength building games that the kids enjoy.

Marla Mayson

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ian mcleod photo: children at play in muskoka

ian mcleod

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Charlie Gregory (aka selrahcyorgerg on Flickr): Sunday at the Peterborough Lift Lock - Sunday afternoon, below the Peterborough Lift Lock, scores of kids immune to the cold play for little Stanley Cups at the second annual church hockey league games held on the frozen canal.

Charlie Gregory

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James Swartz photo: Sliding in Seagrave - Alex is having a great time on the slide in Seagrave. Photos by James Swarts at

James Swartz

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Scott Scarrow photo: Can we hit the jump? Date taken: Dec. 26, 2010 Russell (6) and Weston (4) Scarrow try out their new snow racer in McDougall (just outside Parry Sound) Ontario...

Scott Scarrow

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Mark Nesdoly photo: Bubbles - My two girls in the bubble room of the Orlando Wonderworks, Dec 19, 2010.

Mark Nesdoly

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Katie Baglole photo: Playing in the Waves - Children at play on the coast of Zanzibar

Picasa 2.7/Katie Baglole

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Lee Gunderson photo: Catching geckoes - One of my grandson's greatest joys is catching Geckoe in Kona and letting them go. He does this all day long.

Lee Gunderson

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Greg Blackhurst photo: Beach fun - Each year we do a Dad's and kids camping trip. This is the kids enjoying the beach at Arrowhead Provincial Park this August. Evan, the good sport was buried by his friends for a photo.

Greg Blackhurst

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Scott Scarrow photo: Going to school the fun way... Taken Jan. 26, 2011 - Weston Scarrow (4, JK student) being taken to McDougall School (just outside Parry Sound, On.) his favourite way...

Scott Scarrow

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John McInnes photo: Sledding - Sledding in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture in Japan. It was minus 2 and snowing for two days straight. It doesn't get better than this.

John McInnes

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Lee Gunderson photo: Joy Joy - The diving board at the lake - A hot summer day, a warm lake and frogs. Could anyone ask for more than just the endless days of summer to spend, one by one.

Lee Gunderson

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Marla Mayson photo: Jungle boy - swinging from a trailing vine in the jungle near Kapalua, Maui

Marla Mayson

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Lee Gunderson photo: Catching bubbles - These great bubbles can make fun last for hours at picnincs.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: Feeding ducks at the pond - A family favorite for us. Frogs, dragon flys and lots of ducks

Lee Gunderson

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