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Our Photo Desk call-out for reader photos for the week of Jan. 14-20 is on the theme of spirituality. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in the Jan. 21 print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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Lara Demirdjian photo: Candle Light - A peaceful reflection

Lara Demirdjian/Lara Demirdjian

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Katie Baglole photo: An Irish Cemetary - A cemetary in the Irish countryside decorated with beautiful crosses as far as the eye can see.

Katie Baglole/Katie Baglole

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Rina Singh photo: The imperfect gods and goddeses are cast in rivers. I found this surreal image of a floating goddess in Rishikesh, India.

Rina Singh/Rina Singh

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Rina Singh photo: Conversation - I found this sadhu in a deep conversation in Varanasi, India. With shades like that- you better take him seriously.

Rina Singh

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Lee Gunderson photo: Graffiti under a railway brdige in Calgary. Almost deserving of having a place in the national museum of art. Portrays man as sinner/saint and deeply spiritual and born of the earth.

Lee Gunderson

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Lisa Binns photo: Love for Everyone - Candles lit at the Cathedral of Saint Patrick in New York.

Lisa Binns/Lisa Binns

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Audrey Brashich photo: Small reminders - I snapped this photo at while on a yoga retreat on Galliano Island, BC in Sept 2010. I liked that the rocks reflected many of the themes and ideas I'd been meditating on. Small, gentle reminders.

Audrey Brashich

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Lee Gunderson photo: I see God mirrored in Nature, at every turn. Taken during the great 50 foot swells, Sunset Beach, Feb. 2010, Oahu.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: These famous carvings guard the harbour and the Place of Refuge, one of all Hawaii's most sacred sites. Near Captain Cook, Kona.

Lee Gunderson

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Tony R. Wagstaff photo: On Sundays in rural Ontario.

Tony R. Wagstaff

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Rina Singh photo: The prayer flags in Dalai Lama's Mcleod Ganj may have been tattered by the monsoon but the prayers are only for the gods to touch.

Rina Singh

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Lee Gunderson photo: A detail in a Greek Orthodox Church in Calgary.

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: Hall of Angels, Punta Cana. A deeply spiritual design, it heralds peace and love. Adorned with scores of peacocks.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: A sacred shrine in Zochou, China.

Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: On a hill overlooking the South Pacific, these giant stones point the celestial way to all the Polynesian Islands from Kona. Used to find the star path for thousands of years. Hidden from the public.

Lee Gunderson/Lee Gunderson

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Lee Gunderson photo: A view of the pagan altar of protection at Pu'u o'honuanua Honaunua, Kona.

Lee Gunderson

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Tony R. Wagstaff photo: For many living in rural Ontario, religion is a family affair.

Tony R. Wagstaff

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Lee Gunderson photo: A tree, alone against the sky and the ocean. Perhaps one more of the many ways in which we perceive God and embrace Spirituality.

Lee Gunderson

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Chris McCloskey photo: Lost in Thought - This brightly-cloaked monk is in stark contrast to the walls of the ancient Angkor Thom temple near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Captured in January 2011 while on vacation there.

Chris McCloskey/Chris McCloskey

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Nancy Del Col photo: Could be heaven - Jasper, Alberta. Late October day. My friend Ann was dying and I thought this could be her heaven.

Nancy Del Col

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Christine McCardell photo: Spirituals - Photo taken July 2010 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville TN where, the spirit of music is celebrated, and the spirits and voices of music makers gone still grace the stage and echo in ones' soul.

Christine McCardell

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Patrice Palmer photo: Shwedagon Pagoda - This photo was taken in 2005 at the Swedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. This was my fourth trip to this amazing country.

Patrice Palmer/Patrice Palmer

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Sandro Del Re photo: Climbing the Steps to the Abbey of Montecassino - These are the steps to the reconstructed Abbey at Montecassino. It was detroyed by Allied bombing during WWII.

Sandro Del Re

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Jim Shaw photo: Mother and Son wait under the cross for Mass to Begin

Jim Shaw

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Jillian Paulson photo: A Place for Prayer - Buddhas at the Feilai Feng Rock Carvings at the Lingyin Si Grotto near Hanzhou China. I was in photographer's heaven when a women stepped into my frame and started to pray.

Jillian Paulson/Jillian Paulson

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Bryan Beauchamp photo: In Toronto the Abrahamic faiths can worship together - From left: Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl prayed, Archbishop Terence Finlay gave the blessing and Imam Abdul Hai Patel preached at this Anglican interfaith service in 2009. A kosher-halal reception followed.

Bryan Beauchamp/Bryan Beauchamp

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Mary-Beth MacDonald photo: sunset serenity - Caught this beautiful silouette while walking the coastline in Belem, Brazil.

Mary-Beth MacDonald/Mary-Beth MacDonald

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Jane Matthews photo: Warrior pose at Machu Picchu - Shot by my friend while hiking in Peru in September 2010, this photo shows me in the midst of a sun salutation at the Inca Bridge site at Machu Picchu.

Jane Matthews

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Katie Baglole photo: Praise - Buddhistic statues praising and making offerings to the Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island (Hong Kong)

Katie Baglole/Katie Baglole

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Jane Matthews photo: Morning glory at Machu Picchu - While waiting for the sun's first rays to shine down onto the sacred site of Machu Picchu in Sept. 2010, a pair of llamas bask in the warmth of the dawn of a new day.

Jane Matthews/Jane Matthews

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Julie Enfield photo: World Peace - shot on January 14, 2011. A page from the Book of Psalms.

Julie Enfield/Julie Enfield

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Lynn Muscat photo: Sunrise prayer - Man prays at the water's edge of the Ganga river in Varanasi, India.

Lynn Muscat/Lynn Muscat

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Lynn Keane photo: Winter Sunrise - There is beauty and hope on this winter morning.

Lynn Keane/Lynn Keane

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Lise Fish photo: Leader of the flock - Russian Orthodox Church Kodiak, Alaska

Lise Fish/Lise Fish

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Jeanne Evans photo: Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C. - If memorials cause a person to experience a spiritual moment then this has got to be at the top of my list!

Jeanne Evans

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Lynn Keane photo: From Darkness towards the Light - The dark cool lake contrasts the narrow band of light in the winter sky. There can be light in the darkest moments.

Lynn Keane/Lynn Keane

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Ethan Le photo: Temple Entrance - Entrance to a temple in Hue, Viet Nam.

Ethan Le/Ethan Le

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Lynn Muscat photo: Morning Routine - The Ganga river that runs through India is considered to be the holiest of rivers by Hindus. Every morning in Varanasi, people flock to the river's edge to bathe, wash clothes, swim and pray.

Lynn Muscat/Lynn Muscat

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Julie Enfield photo: God is Good - shot, November 27, 2008. Here spirituality appears to be the driving force...

Julie Enfield

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Katie Baglole photo: A Bow in Reverence to Buddha - A sacred bow in reverence to Buddha in Busan, South Korea

Katie Baglole

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Michael Chow photo: Contemplation - After a stressful day, we relax in our backyard hideaway in downtown Kitchener where buddha rests. Spirituality means connecting with nature, loved ones, higher power right where you are.

Michael Chow/Michael Chow

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James Baglole photo: Statue of Murugan - This statue stands at 140 feet and can been seen at the entrace of the Batu Caves in Malaysia. I visited this during my Christmas vacation of this year.

James Baglole/James Baglole

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James Patrick Baglole photo: This painting was one of many located on the ceiling of The 'Sri Mariamman Temple' located in Singapre. This picture was taken in late December 2010.

James Patrick Baglole/James Patrick Baglole

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Amie Schaufele photo: The temple as a marketplace - Basilique du Sacré-Cour, Paris, France. I loved the juxtaposition between the beautiful church and the gaudy kites tourists were buying.

Amie Schaufele/Amie Schaufele

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Lynn Ross photo: Buddha in Cave - This Buddha is one of hundreds tht have been placed in a cave in Laos . It overlooked the Mekong River with a calm presence.

Lynn Ross/Lynn Ross

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Christos Kyrtsakas photo: In front of the Erecthyon - My goddesses in front of the replicas

Christos Kyrtsakas/Christos Kyrtsakas

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Jane Matthews photo: Spirituality on the Burren - Taken in June 2010 on the shores of Galway Bay,Irelend, in an area called The Burren where ancient ruins and stone circles abound paying homage to times gone by.

Jane Matthews/Jane Matthews

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James Swartz photo: Venice San Marco Cathedral Day - San Marco Piazza is lit by beautiful cranberry glass lanterns at dusk. See more photos of Venice at

James Swartz/James Swartz

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Bobbi Zahra photo: My hand guiding the yad - Aug., 2010; women in my synagogue joined awareness campaign to support equality in prayer at the Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem. In my synagogue, women can read Torah in public; not at the Kotel.

Bobbi Zahra/Bobbi Zahra

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Jane Matthews photo: Sunset on Galway Bay - Shot on Galway Bay, Ireland, June 2010, a visual rendering of the Irish Blessing "May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face...his hand.

Jane Matthews

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Katie Baglole photo: A Buddha Shrine that I visited while teaching English in South Korea

Katie Baglole/Katie Baglole

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James Patrick Baglole photo: Little Buddha Statue - This statue is located near the base of Suraksan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea. This picture was taken on November 20, 2010, while hiking the mountain.

James Patrick Baglole/James Patrick Baglole

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Jeanne Evans photo: BURIAL SITE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI AMBOISE FRANCE - Reported to be the grave site of Leonardo da Vinci in this beautiful chapel in Amboise France in the Loire Valley while there celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Very spiritual experience

Jeanne Evans/Jeanne Evans

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Angco Menarose photo: Confessional box - This was taken in Vigan City, Philippines (St Paul's Catheral). This box had heard millions of sins, I suppose. If only this box could talk.

Angco Menarose/Angco Menarose

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James Swartz photo: Jesus by Anne Isabelle McQuire Swartz - Jesus gave inspiration through his words of Peace and Love. Artist Anne Isabelle McQuire Swartz has captured this in her painting. See her works at

James Swartz/James Swartz

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John Sakamoto-Kramer photo: Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona - July 2010 - Spider Woman lives in the Spider Rock pinnacle, in Canyon de Chelly. She taught the Navajo and is one of their Deities.

John Sakamoto-Kramer/John Sakamoto-Kramer

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Katie Baglole photo: El Castillo - Chichen Itza's beautiful El Castillo, the world's first calendar.

Katie Baglole/Katie Baglole

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James Swartz photo: San Marco Cathedral at Night - The San Marco Cathedral just before dawn. The sense of anticipation mounted as details of the Cathedral were brought into focus by the rising sun.

James Swartz

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John Sakamoto-Kramer photo: Jizou in Kyoto Japan, Fall 2007. Each trip to Kyoto deepens my connection to spirit.

John Sakamoto-Kramer/John Sakamoto-Kramer

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Mark Handelman photo: Reflections Through a Window - A quiet corner of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, June 2010

Mark Handelman/Mark Handelman

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James Patrick Baglole photo: Sri Mariamman Temple - This statue is located in the 'Sri Mariamman Temple' Singapore. This picture was taken in late December, 2010.

James Patrick Baglole/James Patrick Baglole

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Janet Gerrath photo: The Crypt at Worcester Cathedral - I took this photo on a recent trip to England. I highly recommend visiting Worcester Cathedral for its beauty and for the hospitality of the clergy.

Janet Gerrath/Janet Gerrath

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Pastor Charles Price was preaching to a group of Pilgrims at the Mount Nebo - Jordan.

Philip Neelamegam/Philip Neelamegam

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Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg photo: Yonge Street Meeting House, Newmarket - I attend Quaker Meeting Sunday mornings. I was not born in this country but both my father and my maternal grandfather are buried in the old Quaker cemetry. I look through the old windows in worship.

Evelyn Schmitz-Hertzberg

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Joanne Furby photo: Prayer flags are inscribed with auspicious symbols, prayers and mantras and are seen across the sky throughout Nepal

Joanne Furby/Joanne Furby

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Philip Neelamegam photo: St Peter and St Paul Cathedral - Russia

Philip Neelamegam

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Philip Neelamegam photo: For Jews the Western wall is the most sacred place. This is the closest they can get to the "Temple of God" They meditate here.

Philip Neelamegam

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Valerie C. Burton photo: Women Penitents at Semana Santa Taxco, Mexico: People in Taxco make a vow to God and spend the week disguised in black clothing masks and chained together they walk bent over in processions to fulfill their vows

Valerie C. Burton/Valerie C. Burton

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Gail Anthony photo: Bali Blessing - In Bali, every door, every bridge, every endeavour is blessed daily with flowers and incense. Our trip there in March, 2010 was an experience of daily, living reverence.

Gail Anthony/Gail Anthony

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Jim Shaw photo: Father speaks, everyone listens

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Via Dolorosa - These pilgrims were carrying the cross in the old city of Jerusalem. This path is suppesed to be the path that Jesus took on the day of his crucifiction.

Philip Neelamegam

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Philip Neelamegam photo: Upper Room - This picture was taken in "The Upper Room" in Jerusalem where Jesus had his last supper with his deciples. While most people were interested in seeing the room, this lady was involved in meditation.

Philip Neelamegam/Philip Neelamegam

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Natasha Estey photo: I See God in Snow and Wood - Nature is spirit. I see God in nature. The ice crystals are absolute perfection. This picture was taken just before New Years in London, Ont., near the Thames River while out walking with my husband.

Natasha Estey/Natasha Estey

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Bob Hambly photo: Icons - Storefront in Assisi, Italy 2007

Bob Hambly

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Niall Duffy photo: St. Peter's Church of Ireland, Castletownbere, West Cork.

Niall Duffy/Niall Duffy

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