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As a larger winter storm swept into Ontario and then moved eastward, Globe readers shared their snowy images. This gallery, which will be updated regularly, features images sent to us through our custom upload tool. Flickr images are contained in another gallery. To view them, click on the link below this gallery.

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Darmaine Quillao photo: Parking - bicycle parked along Danforth Avenue

Darmaine Quillao/Darmaine Quillao

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Darmaine Quillao photo: Hardsnow - Mountain of shovelled snow along Yonge st. in front Eaton's center.

Darmaine Quillao/Darmaine Quillao

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Anthony Broski photo: Snow Day - in Niagara, February 2. The ultimate day to play.

Anthony Broski

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Kim Velocci Leite photo: Snow Day February 2, 2011 - I recently learned that my dog, Cooper, likes to put his head right in the snow and search for chipmunks!

Kim Velocci Leite

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ROD STEWART photo: Downtown Halifax - Snow storm hits Halifax


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ROD STEWART photo: Halifax storm


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Svilen Stoykov photo: Just Starting - The storm is just starting 12:00am Toronto, Scarborough

Svilen Stoykov

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ROD STEWART photo: Park closed - Public gardens at night during the snow storm


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Jim Shaw photo: Storm Photos - Feb 2 2011. A TTC Worker Cleans Up The Remnants of Todays Snow Storm at The Kipling Station (Toronto)

Jim Shaw

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Jim Shaw photo: Storm 2011 - Ossington Subway Station(Ossington and Bloor ,Toronto) Getting Blasted.

Jim Shaw

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