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Our Photo Desk call-out for reader photos for the week of Oct. 28 to Nov. 3 is on Halloween. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in the Nov. 4 print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

At out annual Halloween street party the donut game is always popular. Nine-year-old Emma looked amazing as a hungry vampire, Hudson, QC October 29, 2011

Katinka Rubin Michaud

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The ghoulish and scarily decorated home Halloween night of brothers Brent and Brad Smitheman of Pointe Claire QC, to raise donations in aid of children for the Starlight Foundation.

Frederic Hore

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Cathy McIlquham made these Mountie costumes for the whole office. We had a visit from Sister Keugal RHSJ at Hotel Dieu Hopsital in Kngston. Here is the gang

Amanda Milliken

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The ghoulish and scarily decorated home Halloween night of brothers Brent and Brad Smitheman of Pointe Claire QC, to raise donations for the Starlight Foundation.

Frederic Hore

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Our son donned his gear (Momma's flip flops, the oven mit and a stick) and was ready to conquer the world

Danielle Unruh

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Two tyvek suits, a trash can lid, some mylar, and a whole lot of velcro and duct tape combine to create an astronaut costume in Edmonton.

Scott Henderson

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using a life-like halloween prop

Gail Chmilar

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Our 9-year-old daughter won the pumpkin carving conetst at her school (pumpkin #3) with her Screwed Up Pumpkin.

Ingrid Littmann-Tai

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taken Oct31 my daughter Meredith(witch) granddaughter Elsie( Dorothy)

Bonnie Whitaker

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The Perfect Halloween Couple playing us some tunes on Oct 31st. Taken with my Canon G9 .

Ingrid Littmann-Tai

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My wife captured a Martian in our backyard!

Sam Lam

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Our daughter Jade turned 7 months old around Halloween.

Dave Harding

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In Vancouver BC, a parade of people signing down the street. Along with a bunny playing the tuba.

Julia Beach Bartel

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Our Hallowe'en window display.

Dave Campbell

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Wayne and Phil set out to scare/entertain the little ones on Ellwood Avenue in Sarnia, with the traditional Ellwood Avenue antics, hosted by Wayne and Darcie.

phil winch

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My son Willis was celebrating Halloween in his duckling costume.

Sam Lam

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Dressed as a zombie for Halloween, 8 year-old Raymond Tooma Gauthier visits the nightmarish house on Maynard Street, created by Brad and Brent Smitheman of Pointe Claire, QC.

Frederic Hore

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Jonnie Newman, 5, dressed in her witch Halloween costume, walks with her mom Nadine Newman through Queen's Park Cemetery in Calgary, Alta., on Sunday, Oct. 30.

Richard Erlendson

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Spooky things happen at Halloween. This pumpkin was floating around on its own, honest.

Sandro Del Re

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Every year Queenston folks treat all the children with chocolates, candies, and chips. Afterwards they all end up at the local firehall for costume competitions.

Frederic Jon Mercnik

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11-year-old Isaac from Belleville, ON took on a classic Johnny Depp role as he turned himself into Edward Scissorhands. Here he is shown trying to balance a green pea with his new hands.

Amber Gooding

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A picture of 7 geese in the rouge river, Toronto. I used a high depth of field to keep foreground and background in focus. Taken by a canon Rebel T31

Daniel Esser

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Deadmau5: Made by Hunter McLay

Andrea McLay

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The house at Boo Corners. Sony Cyber-shot taken 31 Oct 2011

Brenda Santalucia

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Trick or Treating Halloween Night October 31, 2011

Lisa Djurfeldt

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Leaves on a hike along the rouge river, in toronto.

Daniel Esser

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Halloween night in Oakville Ontario - October 31, 2011

Lisa Djurfeldt

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My 6 year old daughter was so exhausted after an evening of trick or treating.

Claudia Leopold

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Halloween Night in Oakville ONtario - October 31, 2011

Lisa Djurfeldt

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Trick or Treating in Oakville ON. October 31, 2011

Lisa Djurfeldt

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This photo was taken the night of Halloween. It is a mask that scares many children but makes many parents laugh.

Elina Gress

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Webs in the dark, with the city skyscrapers in the background which made it look like a castle on a hill. Taken Oct 31st. with a small digital (no name) camera

Kathy Belford

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This lovely "couple" was getting ready for Halloween at the Atwater Market in Montreal. Photo taken October 5th with my Eos Canon digital camera.

Irene Nasim

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We hosted a Halloween party for our new Aussie friends in Melbourne last weekend. My 5 year old decided to be an the Evil Queen of the Butterflies

Carmen Larsen

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These scary faces were lined up at the Atwater Market in Montreal and I liked the garlic strands right next to them keeping the vampires away. Photo taken on October 5th.

Irene Nasim

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The statues and memorials to the fallen in various wars serve to remind us of the great sacrifce Canadians made to ensure our freedom and place in the world.24 mm lens on a Leica x1 mid morning


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Pumpkins are sold fast at different markets for Halloween decorations.

Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Scary Monsters and Booing Ghosts around our street corner makes interesting walk for children dressed as Angels and Draculas.


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Getting ready for Halloween. Canon 60D ISO 3200 F.11

Lin Gitterman

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Oct 30 2011-I was driving behind this carriage and thought this would make a nice photo.

Frederic Jon Mercnik

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Perfect choice of cosutme this year for Sadie - she's a natural clown!

Johanna Nastor

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A picture of our halloween candles that we light ever year. They greet everyone at the door!

Meredith Best

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Oct 28 2011- Decorating pumpkins is a great Halloween tradition.

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My granddaughter , in her owl costume, on the carousal at the Calgary Zoo on Oct 30th taken with a Nikon D90.

Kathy Belford

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Wicked Witch of the East struck by a homemade house.

Sydney Chun

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Cinderella at Midnight--my 2011 Hallowe'en Costume. It was too much fun exploring the transformation!

Emma Hambly

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I always wanted to be a villain. I overcame my fear of this evil villian and green people by being one! I had a great time making my costume and painting my body!

Briana Wong

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Andrew 8yrs old with dog Bonnie Hallooween 2011

Allison Oster

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Sandra and mother proudly showing off the haunted gingerbread house that they made on October 30, 2011

Matthew Vezina

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"Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom." Rambo is a 2 year old Shiba Inu who loves people and other dogs. He had a great time in this costume but got very hot it too.

Briana Wong

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Our 10 month old has some deadly Lucha Libre wrestling moves like the dreaded flying nose-pinch...

Kyle Robertson

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This is Captain Charley, the King Charles Spaniel, at her home in Vancouver

Katie Van Tighem

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My Scary Dragon around the house!

Carol Borg

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Our neighbours have an annnual Halloween party in Oakville and thought this picture of Madison mught put everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Frank Guilbault

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Amaya dressed as one of the defiant monkey's who insist on jumping on the bed!!

Colleen Auld

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this my 1 year old son jayce after being dressed up in diffrent costumes and about 30 photos later...i think he had just about enuf.....happy halloween

ashley taylor

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Halloween from a couple years back...

Rob Fennimore

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Bentley dressed as Elvis at the Toronto Humane Society Halloween Bash Sat Oct29 2011. We rescued Bentley (a terrier cross) from the THS June12, he turned 5 on Aug 2 2011. He was a hit with all at THS

S. McEachran

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Nyla Moshenko 7 years old dressed as a Peacock Halloween 2010.

Zuzanna Krykorka

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Two years ago my son Kai was Luke Skywalkder from "Episode 6", as kids call it nowadays. We referred to it as Return of the Jedi. He took this Jedi pose very seriously.

Rebecca Hornbrook

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Nyla Moshenko as a Jellyfish. Homemade costume complete with little LED lights.

Zuzanna krykorka

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Gracie, my Jack Russell Terrier, was less than pleased to be dressed up as a bunny for Halloween 2008 in Fort Frances, ON. It made for a great photo opportunity though! -Andrea Haner, Lethbridge, AB

Andrea Haner

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Superman around the house

Carol Borg

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Dressed in a homemade bee costume put together by grandma and knitted by his nanny, Brendon, two-years old, finally bites off his first lollipop, despite mommy telling him not to.

Jennifer Lee

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My two girls ready to go out..........

Bob Doherty

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Butler aka Boo lives with his mom in Norfolk, Virginia. His dad lives in Sarnia, ON. Both mom and Boo miss his dad bunches!

Celestine jack

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This year my 8-year-old son, who has a big head of curly hair, finally saw The Lord of the Rings, and so my dream of him being Frodo for Halloween has finally come true!

Rebecca Hornbrook

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Happy Halloween! Zeny 6 months old. October 2011

Jen Reid

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This is my Halloween costume this year.. Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street

Venessa Lazurko

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A double exposure zoomed during the 2 sec. shot of the pumpkins and ghosts; the 2nd shot for 1 sec. of just the moon. Nikon D90 taken the night before Hallowe'en.

Darlene Perkin

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GRrrrrrrrrr In The Dark, Oct 29, 2011.

Jim Shaw

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Guy Fieri (from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) - This is my husband's Hallwoeen costume this year!


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Haloween spirit in Sydney Nova Scotia

Patricia Toth

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This photo was taken Sunday, October 30th in St. John's, NL. My 3-year old son, James, called it a "Daddy Scarecrow" as it was made using his dad's clothes.

Elizabeth Long

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Its a picture of women with stockings...

Jonah Walters

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This spooky Hallowe'en character is made from an old orange swag lamp. Taken Oct. 29 in Brandon, MB.

Darlene Perkin

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Grant McDougall

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Mucking Out The Halloween Pumpkin. Oct 29. 2011.

Jim Shaw

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Home grown pumpkins and Moroccan lantern, taken Oct 2010

Fran Devlin

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autumn morning

doug daley

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2009 October 31 afternoon shot

Rob Boak

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We noticed this jaguar having a great time with a pumpkin on a hot day at the Phoenix Zoo. Taken Tuesday October 18,2011

Beverley Lough

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One of my faves, love the candid shot

Lorraine McBride

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Help! We are being help prisoner in Stratford. Send scary creatures to break us out.

Brenda Santalucia

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Camera Canon XTi 1/50 sec @ F20 October 26 2011 at a road side stand in Creston B.C.

Gerry Frederick

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A Halloween lawn decoration in Calgary, Ab

Quinn Ryall

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This house on Church St in Stratford is all ready for Trick or Treators. Taken on 29 Oct with Sony Cyber-shot

Brenda Santalucia

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I think this picture explains itself.

Maggie Mercer

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Neighbour Domenic and daughter getting ready for Haloween Shot October 28, 2011 Fuji X100 F. 2.0 @ 1/40" ISO 400

Michael Campbell

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For your Halloween submissions: This is Jayce, 12 months old this month, and the first addition to our family in 26 years. Clearly, he was meant to be a lion king. We love you, Little Man. xoxo

Pamela Waterson

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Spider outside Squamish

Will Wilson

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A Halloween decoration on a swing in Calgary, AB

Quinn Ryall

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A Fall day in Victoria BC

Steven Wyllie

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