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Best images from Globe Photojournalist Tory Zimmerman.

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Emily Haines, singer/songwriter and the lead vocalist in the indie band, Metric, is launching a solo album to coincide with the publication of a book of poetry written by her late father, Paul Haines. The book was printed at the unique Coach House Books on the UofT campus, where Emily has been photographed. Of the book and her father she says, "His sense of humour is alive in his poems...I can continue the conversation that ended when he died by reading his book."

Tory Zimmerman

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The Canadian National Institute for the Blind runs an Intensive Rehabilitation Therapy Course (IRTC) for individuals who have recently lost their sight. This class was a young teenagers and adolescent course, the youngest was 14, oldest 22. It is led by a woman named Sumreen Siddiqui, who herself is over 90% blind.

Tory Zimmerman

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Edward Greenspan, Q.C., held a press confrence today regarding the ongoing murder investigation of Domenic and Nancy Ianiero, who were killed while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico earlier this year.

Tory Zimmerman

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Grand Manan, New Brunswick: Bucky Swigger is pleased with his nearly 4 tons of rockweed he gathered that morning. A lobster fisherman in the winter, Bucky prefers the freedom of rock-weeding in the summer season. Rockweed is used for its carrageenan, which is found in everything from ice cream to cosmetics. Bucky earns 43.50 a ton for his work on the back side of the island.

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Grand Manan, New Brunswick: Pat Green, 20, shovels the nearly 8 tons of rockweed that had been gathered that morning into the back of the dump truck. Rockweed is harvested for its carrageenan, which is used in everything from toothpaste to gum. In addition to the dulsing industry, rockweeders - who make $47.50 a ton - hit the shores in the spring and summer, when lobster season ends.

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Heather's youngest, Mariah, (3 when this was taken, 5 now) sits on a family bed in their South Regent home.

© Tory Zimmerman/Children's Emergency Foundation& Tory Zimmerman

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Together with other Muslim's, the Bangladeshi community in the Park was granted empty space beneath one of the buildings in North Regent to build a mosque. It acts as a makeshift community centre, as well as a vital mosque for the community. Shammo and Shamoy Rahman, Masudur's two boys sit at right, the elders at the front.

© Tory Zimmerman/Tory Zimmerman

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Regent Park demolition phase one dedication ceremony at 40 Oak street. Jahvon Gentles and some other kids from Blevin's day care came by to add to the time capsule. Jahvon's mother is a nurse in the area and has put in for a transfer to be moved out of The Park.

© Tory Zimmerman/Children's Emergency Foundation& Tory Zimmerman

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Warden Woods subsidized housing at St. Clair and Warden. Marcus, Edwin, and Kercy enjoy a thanksgiving meal prepared by the Camp Hope team, at their community program, Urban Promise. Providing walk-home, after school homework and meal programs, Urban Promise brings stability to the lives of the kids it serves. As families are relocated from the park, many will end up in communities like Warden Woods. I am interested to contrast the quality of life from one community to the other.

© Tory Zimmerman/Children's Emergency FoundationTory Zimmerman

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