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BC Spot prawns for sale at the Lobster Man on Granville Island in Vancouver May 10, 2011.John Lehmann/The Globe and Mail

Vancouver restaurants still serving wild B.C. spot prawns, as of May 16 (prices and availability may fluctuate). Read more on why spot prawns are more expensive and harder to get locally than in past years.

Burdock & Co.: 2702 Main St., Vancouver; 604-879-0777. Daily features include spot prawn ceviche, sautéed with fiddleheads and fennel bisque. Half dozen boiled with heads, $24.

Chicha: 136 E. Broadway Ave., Vancouver; 604-620-3963. Beer battered heads $10, ceviche with albacore $16, cold whipped potato causa $15.

Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill: 1133 Hamilton St., Vancouver; 604-699-7466. Pan roasted like scampi (eight pieces) in urchin butter with fried heads and prawn head tomato sauce, $45.

Edible Canada: 1551 Johnston St., Vancouver; 604-682-6681. Butter boiled with gin-spiked cocktail sauce or whole fried with green chili aioli, $28 a pound.

Hawksworth: 801 W. Georgia St., Vancouver; 604-673-7000. Tails lightly blanched in starter-size pasta with prawn head sauce, $20.

L'Abatttoir: 217 Carrall St., Vancouver; 604-568-1701. Four to six prawns served raw or barely cooked with prawn head sauce, $16 to $20.

Provence Mediterranean Grill: 4473 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver; 604-221-1980. Three-course chef's menu with prawns served grilled in tagliatelle, with steelhead and summer pea risotto or halibut for the main course, $48.

The Fish Counter: 3825 Main St., Vancouver; 604-876-3474. Prawn taco, $6.90; live (retail), $19.99 a pound.

YEW seafood + bar: 791 W. Georgia St., Vancouver; 604-692-4939. Four-course tasting menu with ceviche, spot prawn gnocchi, salmon and dessert, $69.

Zest Japanese Cuisine: 2775 W. 26th Ave., Vancouver; 604-970-7801. Garlic sautéed spot prawns, (3 to 4 pieces, $15); ceviche, $15; sashimi, $15-$17.99 a pound.