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B.C Premier Christy Clark is pictured on September 19, 2016.Ben Nelms/The Globe and Mail

British Columbia's premier says she is no longer receiving a $50,000 annual stipend from her political party.

Christy Clark says she will instead ask the B.C. Liberal Party to re-imburse her for individual expenses.

She says different parties do things differently and she has decided her party should move to a new system.

The Liberals confirmed last spring that Clark is paid up to $50,000 per year for party work on top of her $195,000 salary.

The stipend formed part of two conflict of interest complaints filed against Clark last year by an opposition member of the legislature and a citizen advocacy group.

The province's conflict of interest commissioner later cleared the premier of wrongdoing, saying the money was a political benefit, not a personal one.

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