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British Columbia's Premier offered help from his province Saturday to help in the massive cleanup of a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Premier Gordon Campbell said the province can send 15 environmental emergency-response officers and about 30 other specialists with expertise in dealing with emergencies such as spills.

Oil has been spewing from a ruptured underwater well into the Gulf of Mexico since an explosion on a BP PLC oil rig on April 20, which killed 11 workers.

"In emergencies such as this, it is important that British Columbia offers assistance and expertise to help lead agencies address the situation as quickly as possible," Mr. Campbell said in a news release.

"Whether it's forest fires in the U.S. or other provinces or earthquakes abroad, British Columbians have always shown a willingness to help and this situation is no different."

The statement didn't say whether the help has been accepted or when the experts might travel to the Gulf. Mr. Campbell couldn't be reached for comment.

The size of the spill has been growing rapidly, tripling during the past two days.

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates more than 750,000 litres of oil are spewing out each day.