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Fallen leaves blanket the ground as a woman jogs through Hadden Park in Vancouver, B.C., on Oct. 21, 2010.Darryl Dyck/The Globe and Mail

A B.C. Supreme Court order is putting the brakes on the City of Vancouver's plan to build a bike path through a city park.

The lawyer for an opponent of the path confirms an injunction has been issued, halting construction on the paved bike path through Hadden Park, part of the greenspace around Kits Point, which is home to two museums, walking paths, a busy beach, seaside swimming pool, playground, tennis and basketball courts.

Robert Kasting says he hopes the injunction will force the city and its park board to discuss how to build the Greenway Bicycle Corridor without carving a section out of Hadden Park.

He believes cutting through the park will violate a development restriction placed on the land when it was bequeathed to the city in 1928.

The injunction halting work on the 3.6-metre-wide bike path will remain in effect until the court can consider the petition, filed on Monday by Kasting's client, Carvell Davis.

Critics of the separated bike path through Hadden and Kits Beach parks say they were not consulted, and they worry it will destroy natural greenspace while coming too close to playgrounds and sports courts, possibly endangering children or anyone using the courts.