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Screen grab from a Vancouver Canucks music video

Stompin' Tom, move over. The hockey anthem has transcended traditional arena fare and has also gone grassroots, with some locals putting their own musical stamp on the Canucks' playoff run. Hip hop? Re-mix? Parody? Vancouver musicians have got it covered.

Song Title: How The West Was One

Artist: Kyprios

Sample Lyric:

"Yessir, ya not even competitors. Listen up to Alex. And respect your Edlers. We got heroes who beat you with pure play. We got Burrows looking like Bure."

The Song, The Video:

This spaghetti Western homage has a trumpet-heavy mariachi sound and clever lyrics, referencing Canucks players past and present. Kyprios's original bare-bones YouTube video incorporates his name into the Canucks logo. A portion of the proceeds from sales on iTunes will go to Canucks Place.

YouTube Views: 145,000 (combined)

The Backstory:

Kyprios (real name: David Coles), a life-long Canucks fan, wrote the lyrics in his car during a ferry ride from Nanaimo to Vancouver. The song was written, recorded, engineered, produced and mastered in 24 hours, in a friend's basement. Kyprios's dream was to get the song played on radio station Team 1040. Mission accomplished - and then some. The Canucks heard it and invited Kyprios, 30, to perform it live before Game 5 against the Blackhawks. Sitting in the stands before Game 7 of that series with his fiancée (the seats were a wedding gift from a friend), Kyprios got the surprise of his life: The Canucks had created a video montage to his song, including footage from his Game 5 performance. "My fiancée jumped up on the seat," he says. "My night was amazing from there. Just amazing. We were both elated. It was crazy." It almost - but not quite - trumped Alex Burrows' overtime goal.

Song Title: Black Red Yellow

Artist: Terell Safadi

Sample Lyric:

"And I know it's a long road. Why you say you ballin' when you got small dough? Black red yellow. Listen how this song go number one, number one like Luongo."

The Song, The Video:

A remix of Wiz Khalifa's Pittsburgh tribute Black and Yellow, Mr. Safadi's version is an ode to Vancouver - and old-school Canucks jerseys. The video was shot at three Vancouver locations: outside Rogers Arena, Granville Street downtown and a skateboard park.

YouTube Views: 245,000

The Backstory:

Mr. Safadi was watching the Super Bowl when he got the idea to turn "black and yellow" into "black, red, yellow" in tribute to the Canucks. Mr. Safadi, who turns 22 next week, knows the old-school black, red and yellow jerseys well: For a birthday present as a child, he received a rare Pavel Bure jersey - number 96 as opposed to number 10 - that was actually worn by the player. He's sporting an old-school jersey in the video, but it's not the original Bure sweater; he couldn't find it. The Canucks put this video on their website, where it received about 40,000 views in the first 24 hours, Mr. Safadi reports, and last week played it at Rogers Arena. "It's a dream come true," he says. "It's a vision completed." Mr. Safadi says with a new and diverse generation of hockey fans, it's time for the music played at the games to reflect that. "Hockey has a pretty broad appeal. Lots of people like it. So why not have different types of music to cater to everybody?"

Song Title: Game Day

Artist: Reigan Brown

Sample Lyric:

"Now we're on the SkyTrain, getting psyched for the game, Maple Leafs are really lame. Hockey, hockey, think about hockey. Main Street-Science World. Now we're at the stadium. And can't afford to get in."

The Song, The Video:

This parody of Rebecca Black's monster YouTube hit Friday - complete with auto-tune - follows Ms. Black's lyrical technique of documenting the day. "Seven a.m. waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs" becomes "Six p.m. getting up in the evening, gotta do my stretches, gotta feed my fish." Ms. Black's ride to school with her friends in a convertible turns into two hockey-loving buddies (played by two friends of Mr. Brown) taking the SkyTrain to the arena.

YouTube Views: 352,000

The Backstory: Mr. Brown, Surrey music and video producer, started making Canucks parody videos in an effort to promote his company, RKB Productions, but also because he's a life-long fan. This video was shot in just three hours, edited in four, and has become a sensation. "I don't think any of us ever thought it would be as successful as it has been," said Mr. Brown. "We went from basically being average city folk with no recognition anywhere to people recognizing us in the middle of mobs at 72nd and Scott Road and wanting to take our pictures. It's been pretty crazy." Mr. Brown says he plans to post more videos throughout the Stanley Cup finals to satisfy his following - and his own sense of fun.