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Premier Christy Clark says B.C. Conservative leader John Cummins has an old-world view when it comes to negotiating treaties with aboriginals in British Columbia.

Mr. Cummins says the government owns the province for all British Columbians and shouldn't be giving land away to aboriginals or giving aboriginals what amounts to a veto on resource developments.

Mr. Cummins admits that if the government accepted his views at the treaty table, court cases involving aboriginals would likely increase.

Ms. Clark says Mr. Cummins is espousing views from the 1970s that no longer apply to governments or aboriginals who are as hungry as all British Columbians for economic development.

Mr. Cummins says treaty negotiations should be left to the federal government, but since the B.C. government is on board, it should strive to take greater control of land issues.

Mr. Cummins says the province should manage land and resources for all British Columbians.