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In pictures: Whistler sled dogs buried in sombre service

SPCA-organized burial service held in Penticton for dogs culled in 2010 incident

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More than 50 sled dogs that were killed by their owner – sparking international outrage – have been laid to rest. The B.C. SPCA held a burial at its pet cemetery Friday, near the southern Okanagan community of Penticton. SPCA officials were joined at the event by several members of the public. Some wept as the ceremony was held.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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B.C. SPCA Constable Greg Boggis pays his respects. The 56 sled dogs were killed near Whistler, B.C., in April 2010 after a decline in business.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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A pet cremation centre donated a memorial stone in honour of the sled dogs. “We will never forget,” it read. Bob Fawcett, former general manager of Howling Dog Tours, pleaded guilty in August to a single count of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. He is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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Eve Forest of Twin Lakes, B.C., places flowers near the memorial stone. After the killings, B.C. announced legislation that raises fines and prison terms for animal abusers.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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The SPCA exhumed the dogs as part of its investigation and Marcie Moriarty, a B.C. SPCA spokeswoman, has said the organization hopes the animals can now rest in peace.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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Nicole Jenson of Chilliwack, B.C. places flowers for the dogs.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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Colleen Szalka of Peachland, B.C., brought along her two dogs Angel and Monkey for the service. Ms. Moriarty of the SPCA said the area near Penticton, more than 400 kilometres southeast of Whistler, was chosen because of its beauty.

Jeff Bassett/The Canadian Press

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