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British Columbia's police watchdog has cleared two officers of criminal wrongdoing in separate cases, one involving the death of a Vancouver man and the other connected to the injury of a man in a Prince George police pursuit.

The Vancouver case involves Christopher Ray, who was shot and killed by a Vancouver police officer last October.

At the time, police said the officer was responding to reports of someone smashing windows when he saw Ray running towards him with a knife, and shot him.

The Independent Investigations Office says the majority of witnesses interviewed confirmed Ray was holding a weapon, and that the officer involved shot him in self-defence.

The IIO also found a Prince George Mountie committed no offence when he chased after a man in response to reports of someone causing a disturbance in an apartment building.

During the pursuit, the man jumped into a ravine and was injured, but the IIO says the officer involved did not use force against the man and didn't commit an offence.