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Liberal Member of Parliament Ujjal Dosanjh in 2007.CHRIS WATTIE

A Facebook page entitled Ujjal Dosanjh is a Sikh Traitor has prompted the RCMP to once again investigate threats against the outspoken B.C. MP.

Insp. Paul Richards, of the Integrated National Security Enforcement, said Friday his team was informed of what he described as "very serious" threats posted on the page and an investigation is underway.

Several of the entries have been removed from the site but at least one posting on Friday morning urged the assassination of the Indo-Canadian politician.

"It'd be much more appropriate to pierce him with bullets, not compassion," the posting said.

The site also descends into much name calling and ugly comments in general.

"Take those rags off your heads," wrote someone else.

At one point, a posting by someone going by the name of Avtar Kanda pleads for people to "not post violent threats on this group.

"We are a peaceful people that want to encourage debate."

Mr. Dosanjh has been an outspoken critic of Sikh extremism, and most recently sounded the alarm that extremism might be on the rise in Canada after he was the target of veiled threats on a Punjabi-language radio show.

"Canadians should take these threats very seriously as an indication of poisoned minds, born and raised in Canada," Mr. Dosanjh said.

The one-time B.C. premier has received threats in the past and was severely beaten in 1985 for his condemnation of Sikh violence in the Punjab during the Khalistan separatist movement.

The federal Liberal caucus issued a statement Friday morning condemning the threats.

"We urge all Canadians to speak out against all forms of violence and extremism, and to affirm zero tolerance for threats of violence in our communities.

"Ujjal, we stand united in support for you."