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A dozen secondary players who were named in court as having links to the BC Rail case:

Gary Collins - Finance minister at the time of the police raid on the legislature, he was Dave Basi's boss and seen by many as a likely successor to Premier Gordon Campbell. He quit politics in 2004.

Judith Reid -Transportation minister at the time of the raids, and Bob Virk's boss.

Martyn Brown - Chief of staff and top political adviser to Mr. Campbell. He was the first witness called by the Crown at the start of the trial, May 18, 2010.

Erik Bornman, Brian Kieran and Jamie Elmhirst - Top lobbyists in Victoria, police say their firm, Pilothouse Public Affairs Group, provided benefits to Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk in return for confidential government information related to the sale of BC Rail. Pilothouse represented OmniTRAX Inc., a U.S. company bidding for the railway.

Bruce Clark - The brother of Christy Clark, who at the time of the raids was deputy premier. Mr. Clark was a top fundraiser for B.C. federal Liberals. His office was searched by police the day of the legislature raids.

Ken Dobell - Mr. Campbell's chief adviser, Mr. Dobell was asked in 2004 by the lawyer for the executive branch of government to review three documents the RCMP wanted to use in questioning Mr. Collins. Mr. Dobell was not one of those who had sworn an undertaking with the court, and the defence alleged the court protocol was violated when he had access to the documents.

Patrick Kinsella - The president of Progressive Holdings, Mr. Kinsella was engaged by BC Rail to assist in understanding a core review process that the government had launched. He was also co-chair of the Liberal election campaigns in 2001 and 2005.

Kevin Mahoney - BC Rail vice-president. A May 19, 2004, e-mail read out in court between Mr. Mahoney and Chris Trumpy, a deputy minister who was head of the BC Rail privatization evaluation committee, said Mr. Kinsella got a call from David McLean, head of CN, which ultimately won the $1-billion bid for BC Rail, saying "the deal was at risk" and asking for help. "Kinsella intends to speak to Martyn," the e-mail stated.