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A B.C. conservation officer is hoping a hungry bear that gobbled up two chickens in a North Vancouver neighbourhood will soon climb out of a tree and head back to its habitat.

Jack Trudgian says the bear wandered out of a nearby ravine on Saturday and found itself a meal before going up a tree and falling asleep.

He says bear sightings are common in North Vancouver and the animals are typically not a risk to public safety, unless they're attracted to food.

Trudgian says four chickens weren't secured in a pen in contravention of a wildlife law, and that the owner was issued a warning instead of a $230 ticket.

Trudgian says he arrived at the scene to find the year-and-a-half-old bear snoring away in the tree and that it was too high up to be tranquilized.

He's hoping the bruin will hop down from its perch well before Sunday morning when it's dark and quiet and wander back to its usual hangout.