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A quick look at a few details and changes at Postmedia newspapers affected by Tuesday's layoffs

Vancouver Sun

Forms of merger are nothing new in Vancouver's newspaper market. In the 1950s federal regulators allowed the rival Sun and Province newspapers to form a partnership to control costs. The papers have shared ownership and resources since 1980.

The Province

Despite the names, the Province is actually the tabloid in Vancouver. Postmedia announced buyouts are being offered to reduce staffing levels in the newly merged newsroom. No layoffs were immediately announced.

Calgary Sun

Long among the more popular Sun newspapers, editor Jose Rodriguez becomes the top boss of the merged Calgary news-gathering operations. Reporter Randy Sportak covered Tuesday night's Calgary Flames game despite being laid off.

Calgary Herald

The Herald staff suffered deep cuts. Veteran reporters George Johnson, Matt McClure, Gwendolyn Richards and Jason van Rassel were laid off at the non-union shop. "Not-so-good news: Now jobless. Good news: Biopsy came back OK," wrote journalist Shelley Wallis.

Edmonton Sun

Established in 1978, the Sun was among the older of the Canadian tabloids. Thirty-five jobs were cut in the newly merged newsroom. Sun managing editor Donna Harker, described by colleague Chad Huculak as "an expert ringmaster … in the Sun circus," was let go.

Edmonton Journal

Among the hardest hit Postmedia properties, the Journal lost both top editors, Margo Goodhand and Stephanie Coombs, along with sportswriter John MacKinnon. Reporter Julia Lipscombe received the news while on honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur.

National Post

Sports departments were gutted across the chain as Postmedia executes a plan for one central sports desk. Post reporter Eric Koreen was among the first casualties. "Postmedia is making cuts today. I am one of them. It is a tremendous bummer," he tweeted.

Ottawa Sun

In the capital, Sun staffers took the brunt of a dozen cuts, with more than half the Sun reporting staff eliminated. Staffers Don Wilcox, Tony Spears, Mike Sutherland-Shaw, Matt Day, Chris Hofley and Keaton Robbins were among the laid-off journalists.

Ottawa Citizen

The recent departure of top editor Andrew Potter leaves the merged paper without a leader. There were no immediate cuts at the unionized Citizen but buyouts will be offered.