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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty pose for portrait in his Parliament Hill office January 30, 2013 in OttawaThe Globe and Mail

Whether they agree with his politics or not, many readers took to our comment boards to wish the Finance Minister well and applaud him for informing Canadians of his condition:

I wish Mr. Flaherty nothing but the best with his health. While I'm sure it was difficult to give up a measure of his privacy, he was wise to share his situation with Canadians, if only to avert questions coming from concerned citizens.

Karen Johnson

I have never liked his politics, but I wish him well and hope that he will find and respond to treatment.

John Currie

For a man like Mr. Flaherty who's done so much for Canada and done it so well it's disappointing to see him have to face a personal challenge like this. May this pass quickly and without too much more interruption to your life.


Get well soon, Mr. Flaherty. I may not share your politics, but I hope you win your battle.


It seems that Mr. Flaherty should take time off and get well. Stress is the biggest contributor to maligning a person's health.


It takes a lot of guts to come out and admit a health problem as Mr. Flaherty has done. It's easy to forget amidst all the political rhetoric that our politicians are ultimately humans with problems like the rest of us. All the best to him - hope everything works out.


I hope those taking cheap shots have better luck with their family's health. Can't you put your stupid politics aside for a minute?

Troy More