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Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)
Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)

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84. Stephen Lewis

“He exemplifies many of the great things about Canada – determination, a commitment to the greater good and a passion for his country. HIV/AIDS remains a taboo subject in many places, but Mr. Lewis perseveres, providing a better life for those who are affected by the pandemic.” – Reader Rebecca Barr, Toronto

85. Freedom

“I moved here from Pakistan; I belong to a sect of Muslims (Ahmadiyyat) who are brutally treated there. I celebrated my first anniversary in Canada in May. Every moment I spent here gave me a feeling of freedom – of speech, expression, exploration ... and counting. Live long Canada.” – Reader Faizan Ur Rehman, Hamilton

86. The Kiskatnaw Bridge between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, B.C.

“In April of this year, we scattered the ashes of both my grandparents off Kiskatnaw. This is where they wanted to spend eternity – in the still untamed, yet pristine, river and by mountains and trees. My grandfather pioneered in the area and brought back his Welsh war bride to create a future for his family. This is my Canada.” – Reader Tracey Logan, Belleville, Ont.

87. Georgian Bay, Ont.

“In a way, it is a lonely place. The pine trees stoop with the wind that pounds them. The stoic granite facades of these small, nameless islands loom large at dawn. And the dark, secretive waters surrounding them crash unyieldingly against their shores. Despite its stern exterior, this place gives me peace and comfort. I measure my personal growth by the time I have spent there, starting with my first trip at five or six years old. Its perennial beauty, made mythical to me as a young girl by the Group of Seven’s landscape paintings, is something I carry with me always.” – Reader Stacey Mighton, Ohio


“Every night I am reminded how lucky I am to live in the most beautiful country in the world by the stunning show of light and colour that takes place right outside my front door in Georgian Bay. This picture was taken off my front deck.” – Reader Lois Barron-Ralph, Parry Sound, Ont.


“The seemingly untouched beauty of Parry Sound should be reason enough to make this list of things to love about Canada. But in case you need a few more: Fresh clean clear water, spectacular beaches, granite cliffs and islands, conservation programs to preserve and protect the area and its many species, war heroes and hockey players who have called this area home and still do. The photo is of Scott’s Island, located on Georgian Bay and part of Killbear Provincial Park.” Reader Scott Ferrede, Kitchener, Ont.

88. Canada’s Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

“They are real-life GI Joes. If there is a disaster in any corner of the world, DART responds and is able to save lives and help people recover from some of the worst situations imaginable. I find it amazing that a country with such a small military is able to make such a gigantic impact in the world, and for no other reason than to help people in need.” – Reader Erich Eisenmenger, Wainwright, Alta.

89. The Canadian Arctic “If there is anything that can so completely isolate an individual and put man in the context of an unrelenting and dispassionate nature, it is the windswept, treeless barrens and the bone-numbing cold of the flow-edge out on the sea ice. This is a challenging environment that demands and deserves your complete respect.

The details here amaze too: the brief beauty of ground-hugging Arctic flowers, the ingenuity of a bird nest located in a shallow depression on the tundra, a completely camouflaged stock-still Arctic hare quietly observing you, the noisy intruder.

I have also had the distinct pleasure of seeing polar bears and muskox in their native habitat, and beluga, narwhal and walrus in the frigid Arctic seas. Who needs an African safari when there are so many intriguing animals to see in the Canadian North?

Start planning your Arctic adventure now.” – Reader Grant Baker, Yellowknife, NWT

90. The Montreal Canadiens “There are so many reasons for the Canadiens to be on a list of things to love about Canada. Their glorious history of success (24 Stanley Cups). Their exciting style of play – using speed and creativity to pressure the opposition and generate offence. Their trademark jerseys.

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