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Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)
Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)

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But there’s also a proud ethos of multiculturalism that wins them fans. The team’s best player, goaltender Carey Price, is a member of the Ulkatcho Nation in B.C. The second-best player, P.K. Subban, is the son of two immigrants from the Caribbean. The team also includes players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Francophones and Anglophones, a Métis-Canadian and the son of Polish immigrants.

The Canadiens embody the Canadian spirit, and they play hockey the way it is meant to be played.” – Reader Geoff Read, London, Ont.

91. Home-grown TV. “Canadian television shows are definitely at the top of my list of things I love about Canada: Rookie Blue, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Flashpoint – almost without fail, Canadian TV proves that it can hold its own against foreign media. Perhaps it’s thanks to the incredible directing, writing and producing on these shows. But I would also put it up to multi-faceted characters. No matter who you are, flick your TV on to a Canadian network and chances are that you’ll find a character you can relate to.” – Reader Alyssa Snow, Toronto

92. Tim Hortons and poutine. – Reader Alexander Locke

93. “Our semi-regular attempt to annex the Turks and Caicos Islands.” – Reader Patricia Bertrand

94. “Our democracy, as protected by our amazing Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” – Reader Stephen Dorsey

95. Stompin’ Tom. – Reader Richard Glenn

96. Gay marriage! – Reader Penny Lane

97. Gun control. – Reader Mardi Camille McKerrow

98. “Our revered national police force: The RCMP.” – Reader Glen Edwards

99. Blue Rodeo. – Wendy Hicks

100. Benedict Vanier and his brother Jean. – Alan Hustak

101. “We managed to send Justin Bieber and Celine Dion to the United States. What’s not to love?” – Johanna McMenemy

102. “Our freshwater supply. We are the envy of the world.” – Kevin Bearinger‏ @bearkev123

103. “Beavertails on the Canal in Ottawa. Gatineau in the fall.” – Maryanne Gaulin ‏@MPG1love

104. Ceasars. “They taste so good and can only be found in #Canada. Canadian bartenders make them best. #ohCanada.” – Reader Juliette McGrath ‏@JulGonsalves8

105. Our children. “Some of the best educated and motivated people in the world!” – John ‏@venema_john

106. “Awesome summer sunsets at Sandbanks Provincial Park.” – Toni Amato ‏@toni_amato

107. “Easy. Mike Weir and @WeirWine, two of our country’s treasures!” – Richard Park‏ @RichardParkGolf

108. Gros Morne National Park.Juliette Brintells‏ @Jules_Brintells

109. “Newspaper dispensers that trust you will only take one, and we do!” – Ray Savage‏ @rsavage15

110. Our diversity, it’s gotta be said.

“I love that Canada represents such a diversity of people, opinions, experiences and beliefs, which allowed me to grow up with a very open-minded view of culture. In fact, my own race (I am Japanese-Canadian) is not something that I paid much attention to until Michael Lewis asked me about it while he was doing research for his book Flash Boys. He was surprised by how little of an impact that race had on my upbringing. So I am indebted to my family, friends and Canada for allowing me to grow up with an appreciation for diversity. And this appreciation carried over when I co-founded a new company, IEX, where more than 50 per cent of our employees were born outside the United States – a true blend of people, opinions, experiences, and beliefs.” – Brad Katsuyama, head of IEX in New York


“What I love most about Canada is its diversity. Papineau – the riding that I represent in Montreal – for example, is home to one of Canada’s most multicultural communities. The fact that there are residents of Spanish, Italian, Greek and Arabic heritage living and prospering as neighbours is a real testament to Canada’s success. We are a country founded on diversity. It is at the core of who we are, and that makes me very proud.” – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau


“What I love most about Canada is how diverse it is and how friendly and welcoming the people are.” – Toronto’s Orlando Franklin, Denver Broncos’ offensive lineman


“I love this country, but must confess to being a bad Canadian, as I despise both nature and hockey (not necessarily in that order). But as an artist, what I love and am most proud of as a Canadian is the diversity and excellence of all its cultural producers: musicians, artists, writers, poets, film makers, dancers ... whatever the discipline, I think we stand out worldwide.” – Kelly Mark, visual artist

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