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Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)
Reason to love Canada No. 123: Reader Peter Taylor holds a book and a beer beside his campfire at Monck Provincial Park in British Columbia. (Peter Taylor)

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But as we glanced around for the bugler to do the last post – that place next to the podium was glaringly empty. For some logistical reason, no bugler was there.

A cadet band commander gently asked Margaret ‘Meg’ Morgan,a young PWOR cadet Sargeant Bugler (not quite 14) if she might step in.‎ Her eyes said ‘I have not practiced, there are a thousand people here, and why me?’ Her voice said, ‘Yes, sir, I will do my best.’ No one outside the immediate podium area realized someone was standing in for the designated bugler, whose car problems prevented his arrival. Meg’s notes, cadence and tone were that good, that broad and that clear.

Patriotism is about character, steel, spirit and being there to help. A young cadet bugler created a rare insight about what that all means.” – Former senator Hugh Segal

37. Maple syrup “Radio host Peter Gzowski once ran a contest to come up with the Canadian equivalent of ‘As American as apple pie.’ The winning entry? ‘As Canadian as ... possible, under the circumstances.’ Droll as that may be, I beg to differ. The answer is obvious: As Canadian as maple syrup. That smoky/sweet, sticky taste drawn from the sap of a living tree, a northwoods communion, poured on pancakes, blended with ice cream, infused into bacon: if you could lick Canada, it would taste like maple syrup.” – Author Will Ferguson

“We love Canada because....we are responsible for three-quarters of the world’s output of Maple Syrup!” – Christie Smythe and Andrea Lenczner of Smythe

38. Montreal bagels “Straight out of the oven.” – Documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici

39. Our tolerance “Canadians have a distinguishing social generosity. Peacefulness, fair-mindedness, understanding and tolerance. Although we, as a society, have to remind ourselves of this because it’s easy to lose sight of. That is what being Canadian means to us, and what in all our travels, really sets Canada apart.” – Designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg

“To me, Canada means tolerance. At a time when the world – especially the region I live in, the Middle East – is marred by deep ethnic, religious and national tensions, Canada stands out as a place where tolerance has created a pluralistic society. How wise has Canada been to enable a rich cultural mosaic based on mutual respect.

Here in Israel our basic laws on civil rights have been based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and I hope that Arab countries in the region will discover Canadian-style tolerance too.

Unfortunately, there are few echoes anywhere in the Middle East, not even in Israel, of Canadian cool: the laid-back, calm and polite character of society. Things here are more rough-and-tumble, blunt and uptight.

Alas, there also is no major league baseball, hockey or football here either. We still have a lot to learn and adopt from Canada.” – David Weinberg, Israel office director of Canada’s Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs in Jerusalem

40. We’re still becoming We’re more than hockey and fishing lines/ off of the rocky coast of the Maritimes/ and some say what defines us/ is something as simple as “please” and “thank you”/ But we are more than genteel or civilized/ we are an idea in the process of being realized. – Dean and Dan Caten

41. It’s a great place to be a mother “As a parent, I couldn’t imagine any other place to raise my son. I love more than anything the pure joy of mothers’ faces when they see their child succeed. It makes all the pain of migrating worthwhile, and though danger – guns and shootings – lurks even in Canada, for many mothers Canada is still safer than wherever it might be we migrated from.” – Canadian model and activist Yasmine Warsame, originally from Somalia

42. We thrive on entrepreneurship “I love that Canada is a country where 60 years ago my father, as a young man, could open a store in an off-beat part of the city and grow it into a national chain of menswear stores to rival the best in the world. Canada was then, and is now, a country where people are accepting of new ideas. We thrive on entrepreneurship.” – Larry Rosen, chairman and CEO of Harry Rosen Inc.

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