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For many of us, Monday to Friday races by in a blur. We know it can be a struggle to delve beyond the big headlines and keep on top of all the interesting stories out there. We're here to lend a hand: In case you didn't see them the first time, a collection of stories you may have missed this week on

A 51st U.S. state?

Along with deciding the next president, Tuesday's U.S. election also dealt with a range of other issues –legalizing marijuana, same-sex marriage – varying from state to state. For Puerto Ricans, one of those issues was statehood, and for the first time ever, a majority of residents voted that they want the island territory of Puerto Rican to become a U.S. state. Is the U.S. about to get a 51st state?

Working like a dog

Are you about to get replaced at work by a sheep or a monkey? It could happen. Here's a look at some animals that are already replacing work that used to be done by humans.

Hummus or hot dogs?

How many decisions do you make each day about food? According to scientists, about 225. The Globe's Ian Brown tracked everything he ate in one day in a diary to see what kind of decisions he was making. "There can't be that many," he writes, "and certainly no unconscious ones." See how he was proven wrong.

Social media 101

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – the list goes on. There are a lot of social media platforms out there and if you're confused about which ones you should be using and how, stop now and read this.

A perfect storm

'Superstorm' Sandy may feel like old news, but hundreds of thousands of people in New York and New Jersey are still without power. And adding to the misery is a new snowstorm that hit the area Thursday. Here's a look in pictures at the towns that are still struggling to recover.