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"I have to go to the hospital, a butterfly died in my ear and is now stuck." (Photos.com)
"I have to go to the hospital, a butterfly died in my ear and is now stuck." (Photos.com)

‘A butterfly died in my ear’ and other things you may have missed this week Add to ...

For many of us, Monday to Friday races by in a blur. We know it can be a struggle to delve beyond the big headlines and keep on top of all the interesting stories out there. We’re here to lend a hand: In case you didn’t see them the first time, a collection of stories you may have missed this week on globeandmail.com.

‘My dog ate my thong’

We asked Globe readers for the best excuses they’ve ever heard or used for calling in sick for work. From “a butterfly died in my ear” to “my dog ate my thong” (seriously), these are the top 15 responses we received.

Live with Mitt and Barack

“Obama’s all over TV, Romney is not,” observes the Globe’s John Doyle in this column on the politics of television talk shows. So whose tactic is the right one?

How to make BlackBerry jam

An NDP MP is accusing a Tory MP of launching wireless warfare on him: NDP MP Don Davies says Conservative MP Bev Shipley inundated his email account with thousands of messages, causing his BlackBerry to shut down. Mr. Shipley has since apologized, saying what happened was “not intentional.”

All wrapped up

Ever consider donating your body to science? How about to mummy science? That’s exactly what one U.K. man did after he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, offering his body to researchers who hoped to better understand the ancient Egyptian process for preserving the dead. So what exactly goes into making a mummy?

Empty nest no more

With high levels of student debt and unemployment, more and more adult kids are finding themselves moving back into their parents’ homes. Here’s Rob Carrick on how parents and kids can set financial ground rules with each to make sure the arrangement goes as smoothly as possible. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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