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This picture, taken in 1970 in an Acapulco, Mexico nightclub, shows Vic Cotroni (Vincenzo Cotron) (seated, centre, white shirt) described in Montreal Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1973, during testimony at the Quebec Police Commission Inquiry intop organized crime, as the head of the Montreal underworld. At his left, is brother Frank Cotroni and Claude Faber. At left between two unidentified women, white shirt, is Paolo Violi.

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Reputed crime boss Vic Cotroni leaves a Montreal courthouse in 1973.The Canadian Press

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This is a 1975 photo of Vic Cotroni in 1975.The Canadian Press

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Two Montreal businessmen and two others from Hamilton and Toronto were charged with conspiracy to possess $300,000 obtained by the commission of an indictable offence. Vic Controni, 64, of Montreal was charged at his home about 9am. Nov. 6, 1975.James Lewcun/The Globe and Mail

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The Quebec Police Commission hearings into organized crime resumed in Montreal Monday Nov. 17, 1975 and commission lawyers said emphasis would be placed on the study of loan-sharking and extortion in the province. Listening to the opening statements are commission members from right, Denis Dionne, Judge Jean Dutil and Judge Marc Cordeau.The Canadian Press

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Vic Cotroni (left) leaves the Quebec Police Commission inquiry into organized crime led by his lawyer Jean-Paul Ste. Marie in Montreal on Nov. 27, 1975.Dave Buston

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For refusing to testify at a session of the Quebec Police Commission inquiry into organized crime, Paolo Violi was charged with contempt and sentenced to one year in prison. Dec. 2, 1975.The Canadian Press

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Paolo Violi leaves court in handcuffs Aug. 3, 1976, escorted by a detective.Jack Dobson/The Globe and Mail

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