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Governor-General David Johnston oversees a ceremony giving royal assent to government legislation in the Senate on Dec. 12, 2013.PATRICK DOYLE/The Canadian Press

Diversity of accomplishment is the great theme of the Order of Canada, and figures prominently among the 90 newest appointees, from Morton Doran, a surgeon with Tourette Syndrome, to Dick Irvin, the longtime broadcaster of Montreal Canadiens games on CBC-TV, to Gilles Brassard, who brought quantum physics to computing.

The honour, established in 1967 by the Queen, recognizes contributions to Canada; its motto, desiderantes meliorem patriam, means "they desire a better country." Appointees are made on the recommendation of an independent advisory council headed by Canada's Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin.

Arts and culture is the most popular category, and its diverse roster includes actor Colm Feore, recognized for bridging anglophone and francophone cultures through his bilingual performances; Inuk artist Elisapee Ishulutaq; composer R. Murray Schafer, named a Companion of the Order of Canada, the highest recognition; Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor of the country rock band Blue Rodeo; novelist and sculptor Douglas Coupland; mystery novelist Louise Penny; and film director Sarah Polley. Journalists include public television current affairs host Steve Paikin; Quebec sports journalist Marie-José Turcotte, the first woman to do sports reporting on Quebec television; and fashion journalist Jeanne Beker.

Apart from Mr. Schafer, the new Companions are Marie Deschamps, a retired Supreme Court justice; Donald Mazankowski, a former federal cabinet minister who has spearheaded studies on health care; and Margaret McCain, a former lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick who co-authored a study on early childhood development that continues to influence the field of child care.

Business, philanthropy, science and medicine, social justice and education are other popular categories, and several appointments recognize contributions to the north, and to aboriginal peoples.

The appointees are listed below as provided by Rideau Hall, grouped by the three levels of Companion (the highest rank, recognizing national pre-eminence or international service or achievement), Officer and Member.

Promotions, rather than new appointments to the Order, are listed separately below.

Companions of the Order of Canada

The Honourable Marie Deschamps, C.C. Montreal. For her numerous contributions as a jurist and for her dedication to youth development.

R. Murray Schafer, C.C. Indian River, Ont. For his contributions as an internationally renowned composer of contemporary music, and for his groundbreaking work in acoustic ecology.

Officers of the Order of Canada

Gilles Brassard, O.C. Montreal. For his contributions to computer science as a pioneer in the application of quantum physics to information processing.

Douglas Coupland, O.C. West Vancouver, B.C. For his contributions to our examination of the contemporary human condition as a novelist, cultural commentator and artist.

James Gordon Cuddy, O.C. and James Gregory Keelor, O.C. Toronto. For their contributions to Canadian music and for their support of various charitable causes.

John Daniel, O.C. Vancouver. For his advancement of open learning and distance education in Canada and around the world.

Colm Feore, O.C. Stratford, Ont. For his contributions as an actor of the stage and screen, notably by bridging Anglophone and Francophone cultures as a fluently bilingual performer.

Sherrill E. Grace, O.C. Vancouver. For her contributions to promoting Canadian culture and identity through her collection of published works.

Nancy Hermiston, O.C. Vancouver. For her achievements as an opera singer, stage director and educator.

Daniel Ish, O.C. Saskatoon. For his commitment to social justice, notably as the former chief adjudicator of the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat.

David Jenkins, O.C. Toronto. For his contributions as a nutrition scientist committed to helping Canadians make informed food choices.

Patrick Delamere Lafferty, O.C. Ottawa. For his contributions to the advancement of Canada's medical research infrastructure.

Steve Paikin, O.C. Toronto. For his contributions as a journalist who engages, informs and educates viewers on a broad range of public policy issues.

Eliot A. Phillipson, O.C. Toronto. For his contributions to the field of sleep medicine and for his visionary stewardship of health and science institutions.

Sarah Polley, O.C. Toronto. For her contributions to Canadian cinema and television as an actor, writer and director.

Glenn Pushelberg, O.C. and George Yabu, O.C. Toronto. For their contributions to design excellence internationally, notably by bringing their creative outlook to public spaces, and for promoting the Canadian design industry.

Keren Rice, O.C. Toronto. For her contributions as a linguist and scholar whose research on Canada's North has notably helped to preserve the Athapaskan languages.

The Honourable J.J. Michel Robert, P.C., O.C. Montréal. For his achievements in the field of law as a lawyer and jurist, and for his commitment to advancing his profession.

Michael Rudnicki, O.C. Ottawa. For contributing to scientific breakthroughs in the area of muscle development, and for his leadership in stem cell research.

Daniel Walter Smith, O.C. Edmonton. For his contributions as an environmental engineer designing water and energy management systems in northern Canada.

John M. Thompson, O.C. Toronto. For his leadership in the information technology sector, and for advancing research partnerships between industry and academia.

Peter Tugwell, O.C. Ottawa. For his contributions as an epidemiologist reducing global disparities in health care access.

The Most Reverend V. James Weisgerber, O.C., S.O.M. Winnipeg. For his work as a champion of reconciliation and social justice, promoting deeper understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Members of the Order of Canada

Baha Abu-Laban, C.M. Edmonton. For his contributions as a scholar and volunteer building a more inclusive society.

Ewan Affleck, C.M. Yellowknife. For his commitment to improving health care services in northern communities.

Rina Arseneault, C.M. Fredericton. For her contributions as a researcher, activist, author and educator working to end family violence.

Louis Audet, C.M. Westmount, Que. For transforming the family business into one of the top Quebec telecommunications companies and for supporting a wide range of community organizations.

Jeanne Beker, C.M. Toronto. For her contributions to the fashion industry and for her promotion of Canadian designers.

David F. Blair, C.M. Quebec City. For his sustained engagement in promoting and preserving the culture and history of the City of Quebec.

Shirley Blumberg, C.M. Toronto. For her contributions to architecture and for her commitment to creating spaces that foster a sense of community.

Walter Boudreau, C.M., C.Q. Montreal. For his contributions to contemporary music as a composer, conductor and promoter of musical creation.

Ron Burnett, C.M. Vancouver. For his leadership in arts education, notably as president of Emily Carr University.

Carmen Campagne, C.M. Sainte-Anne, Man., and Willow Bunch, Sask. For her contributions as a singer, songwriter and composer enhancing music for young children and using music in French-language education.

Paul G. S. Cantor, C.M. Toronto. For his contributions to the Canadian financial sector and for his support of post-secondary education.

Stephen Carpenter, C.M. Conestogo, Ont. For his visionary leadership in the development and stewardship of Canada's green building industry.

Denise Clarke, C.M. Calgary. For her contributions to dance and theatre in Alberta as an innovative choreographer, dancer and director.

Dennis Cochrane, C.M. Moncton. For his contributions to improving education systems in the Maritimes, notably by championing early childhood learning.

Marie-Éva de Villers, C.M., C.Q. Montreal. For her contributions to the advancement and influence of the French language as a linguist and the author of major reference works.

Morton Doran, C.M. Fairmont, B.C. For his efforts to raise awareness of Tourette Syndrome, particularly as a surgeon living with the condition, and for his commitment to medical education.

Yvon Dumont, C.M., O.M. Winnipeg. For his commitment to advancing the rights of Aboriginal and Métis peoples.

Marc Dutil, C.M. Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Que. For his achievements as an experienced business leader, and for promoting the well-being of his community and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Phil Dwyer, C.M. Qualicum Beach, B.C. For his contributions to jazz as a performer, composer and producer, and for increasing access to music education in his community.

Louise Forestier, C.M. Montreal. For her contributions to the growth and spread of Quebec culture as a singer, songwriter, composer and actress.

Madeleine Gagnon, C.M. Montreal. For her contributions to Quebec literature as a poet, essayist, novelist, critic and professor.

Peter E. Gilgan, C.M., O.Ont. Oakville, Ont. For his innovative leadership in Canada's construction industry, and for his philanthropic support of initiatives in health care, education and athletics.

Michael Goldbloom, C.M. Montreal. For establishing several transformative civic organizations in Montréal and for his dedication to building bridges between the city's English- and French-speaking communities.

Philip R. Gosling, C.M. Guelph, Ont. For his crucial contributions to the creation of Ontario's Bruce Trail and for his philanthropic devotion to the natural world.

Bernard Grandmaître, C.M. Ottawa. For fostering the vitality and growth of Ontario's Francophone community.

Roger Greenberg, C.M. Ottawa. For his contributions as a fundraiser and trusted counsellor to numerous charities and educational institutions in the National Capital Region.

Catherine Anita Hankins, C.M. Sutton, Que. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For her contributions to combatting the spread of HIV/AIDS in Canada and abroad.

Morley Hanson, C.M. Chelsea, Que. For his work to empower Inuit youth, notably as the coordinator of Nunavut Sivuniksavut.

Robert J. Harding, C.M. Toronto. For his accomplishments as a business leader and for his extensive community engagement.

Mary E. Hofstetter, C.M. Stratford, Ont. and Banff, Alta. For her contributions in remodelling the Banff Centre into one of the leading arts, culture, training and educational institutions in Canada.

James Dickinson Irvin, C.M. Pointe-Claire, Que. For his contributions to hockey as a beloved broadcaster and author, as well as for his charitable activities.

Elisapee Ishulutaq, C.M. Pangnirtung, Nunavut. For her progressive artwork and for her contributions to the cultural and economic health of her community as a role model and mentor.

George Jonas, C.M. Toronto. For his thought-provoking contributions to Canadian public discourse as an author and journalist.

Danielle Juteau, C.M. Montreal. For her contributions to sociology, particularly in ethnic studies and women's studies.

James Peter Kimmins, C.M. Denman Island, B.C. For his contributions as an ecologist promoting environmental sustainability in forest management.

Lucia Kowaluk, C.M. Montreal. For her dedication to social justice and heritage preservation.

Francine Lelièvre, C.M., C.Q. Montreal. For her contributions to historical museology, and to preserving Montréal's archaeology and history.

Douglas Letson, C.M. Waterloo, Ont. For his contributions to the betterment of his community and for his leadership of numerous organizations in the fields of education and health care.

K. Barry Marsden, C.M. West Vancouver, B.C. For his contributions to the growth of Canada's aviation industry as president and CEO of Conair Aviation and as the founder of Cascade Aerospace.

Murray D. McEwen, C.M. Acton, Ont. For his contributions to the food industry and for his sustained commitment to supporting his community.

W.R. (Bob) McPhee, C.M. Calgary. For his artistic and administrative leadership of Alberta's arts scene and for his role in the development of Canadian talent.

Djavad Mowafaghian, C.M., O.B.C. Vancouver. For his quiet generosity in support of health, education and the well-being of children.

Wesley Nicol, C.M. Ottawa. For his commitment to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Constance V. Pathy, C.M., C.Q. Montreal. For her contributions to the vitality of classical dance and music in Quebec, through her leadership and generosity.

Juri Peepre, C.M. Windermere, B.C. For his role in protecting the Canadian wilderness for future generations.

Louise Penny, C.M. Sutton, Que. For her contributions to Canadian culture as an author shining a spotlight on the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

John Derek Riley, C.M. Winnipeg. For his contributions to his community as a businessman, athlete and philanthropist.

Sandra Rotman, C.M. Toronto. For her leadership in support of health care and the arts, notably as a driver of initiatives in global and mental health.

Aurel Schofield, C.M. Dieppe, N.B. For his contributions to enhancing health care delivery for Francophones in New Brunswick, notably as the designer of the only French-language medical training facility in the Maritimes.

Albert Schultz, C.M. Toronto. For his contributions as a founding member and artistic director of the Soulpepper Theatre Company and for his commitment to training generations of theatre artists.

Mamdouh Shoukri, C.M. Toronto. For his contributions to the flourishing of Ontario's academic institutions as both an engineer and an administrator.

Joan C. Snyder, C.M. Calgary. For her contributions as a generous philanthropist who has supported sport, education, social services, the arts and health care in Alberta.

Donald Creighton Rae Sobey, C.M. Trenton, N.S. For his contributions as a philanthropist and entrepreneur, notably for founding one of Canada's leading awards for young artists.

Eric S. Sprott, C.M. Toronto. For his contributions as a philanthropist, notably in the areas of health care, education and international development.

Jacques Tanguay, C.M. Quebec City. For his unwavering support of his region's economic, sport and community development.

Ian Tannock, C.M. Toronto. For contributing to our understanding of tumor cell behaviour and to improving the efficacy of chemotherapy treatments.

Tom Traves, C.M. Halifax. For his contributions to post-secondary education in Nova Scotia, notably through his presidency of Dalhousie University.

Marie-José Turcotte, C.M. Montreal. For her contributions to sports journalism and for opening doors in the profession for women.

Sara Vered, C.M. Ottawa. For her leadership in Ottawa's voluntary sector and for her support of education, health care, and organizations dedicated to art and culture.

William Robert Waters, C.M. Toronto. For his engagement in broadening access to higher education for students in Toronto and for his generous support of musicians and arts organizations alike.

Robin Williams, C.M. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. For her contributions as a public health leader promoting effective policies in early childhood development.

Promotions within the Order of Canada

To Companion of the Order of Canada: The Right Honourable Donald Mazankowski, P.C., C.C., A.O.E. Sherwood Park, Alta. For his lifetime of public service and for his sustained commitment to improving health policy and education.

To Companion of the Order of Canada: The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, C.C., O.N.B. Toronto. For her transformational philanthropic contributions to organizations across Canada and for her enduring commitment to early childhood development.

To Officer of the Order of Canada: Michael Bliss, O.C. Toronto. For his contributions as a historian and author dedicated to illuminating Canada's history.

To Officer of the Order of Canada: Hartley T. Richardson, O.C., O.M. Winnipeg. For his unwavering civic engagement, and for his contributions as a business and community leader.