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Screen grab of the Ashley Madison website.

Seventy-six credit-card transactions involving 42 email addresses connected to the Department of National Defence and 25 transactions from the House of Commons using 13 email addresses are among the leaked Ashley Madison data.

The Canadian Press sorted through the more than 2,500 files from the martial infidelity website made public earlier this week by hackers, with transactions spanning from March of 2008 to this past June.

The leaked data includes transaction amounts, the last four digits of the credit card's account number, the customer's name, city, province, country, postal code, an email address and in some cases, street addresses and I-P information.

The federal Treasury Board – which has an overall responsibility – says the government has rules for the professional and personal use of its computers, and infractions are dealt with on an individual basis.

National Defence isn't saying whether an internal investigation will be launched, but a spokeswoman says the department "has policies and practices in place to deter, detect and enforce unauthorized and prohibited computer use."

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