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Yeah, baby.

Mike Myers is going to have a street in Scarborough named after him. The community council agreed unanimously yesterday that a new street near the intersection of Kennedy Road and Lawrence Avenue should be named for the actor, who was born and raised in Scarborough.

Fittingly, the street traces a shagadelic path between Kennedy and Lawrence that is almost as warped as the sense of humour that has infused Mr. Myers's best-known movies, Wayne's World and the Austin Powers spy spoofs.

"When I first heard I'd have a street named after me, I was thrilled. Scarborough has helped to shape who I am, and I took it as a great honour," Mr. Myers said in a statement from California, where he is shooting a movie based on Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat.

"Then I was told it doesn't mean I actually own the street. So even though I can't levy taxes or start my own army, it's still pretty cool."

Hugh Heron, president of Heathwood Homes, which is building Lawrence Village, the 250-townhouse development that surrounds the street, said he might have called the new community Wayne's World if he knew sooner that councillor Lorenzo Berardinetti would submit Mike Myers Drive as a street name.

When he was asked whether every purchaser of a new townhouse would get a video of a Mike Myers movie, Mr. Heron said "that's a great idea. That's 250 [movies] Maybe I'll phone Mike and see if I can get a discount."

Mr. Berardinetti said he contacted Mr. Myers's manager two weeks ago about the possibility of attaching the comedian's name to the street. The actor's publicist and personal assistant immediately called back to say that Mr. Myers felt it was a nice thought.

"I think he's a good role model for people in Scarborough. It's a good example of someone who's done well and worked hard, who's from Scarborough. He hasn't forgotten his roots," Mr. Berardinetti said. "It's important that we recognize a person like Mike Myers. . . . It's a positive thing for Scarborough and Toronto."

Mr. Berardinetti added that Mr. Myers "says he wants to do an official unveiling or event. Who knows what he has up his sleeve for that."

The unveiling could come during a weekend break in filming, Mr. Berardinetti said.

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