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A picture of the Donegal coast, where a Canadian diver went missing earlier Saturday while diving with a group roughly 22 kilometres northwest of an area called Malin Head.

The body of a Canadian diver missing off the coast of Ireland has been found near the wreck where he'd been diving on Saturday.

The man had been diving with a group off the coast near Malin Head in County Donegal where a number of vessels from the Second World War sank. The area is a popular diving spot and the group had set out for the site Saturday morning on a chartered boat.

An official with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) said a body had been recovered Monday evening from the Pinto wreck and taken to shore.

RNLI officials said the divers were technical divers, meaning they were permitted to exceed the normal regulations for depth and immersion time. They were diving at a depth of around 65 meters.

The name of the Canadian, believed to be in his early 60s, has yet to be released.

Global Affairs Canada said on Sunday that consular officials in Ireland had been in contact with local marine-rescue authorities and that case managers in Ottawa have spoken with the family in Canada. A spokeswoman with the department said on Sunday that further details could not be released because of privacy concerns.