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A Bohemian waxwing positions a mountain ash berry before swallowing in Anchorage, Alaska.ERIK HILL/The Canadian Press

Imbibing and then flying for some birds in the Yukon is proving to be a hazardous experience – and the territory's environment agency has made a makeshift drunk tank to help them sober up.

Environment Yukon is warning that Bohemian waxwings in the territory have been gorging on fermented mountain ash berries, then attempting to fly off with less than successful results. Anyone spotting the birds is urged to catch them and bring them to Environment Yukon's animal health unit.

Meghan Larivee with the animal health unit says the problem is compounded when the birds fill their expandable esophagus with the berries, where they ferment even more for a second dose of alcohol.

Environment Yukon has turned a hamster cage in their animal health unit into a drunk tank for the birds, Larivee told CBC News. "We have a little flannel blanket and some water because, of course, they tend to get dehydrated, just like people," she told CBC.

While the fruit-eating birds have a higher tolerance for alcohol, Larivee says enough fermented berries can have the same impact on birds as alcohol does on humans.

She says the alcohol affects the birds' navigation systems and they can end up flying into windows and other objects.

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