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She's blonde, slender and boasts a megawatt smile - a dead ringer for Elin Nordegren.

Perhaps it was the likeness to his wife that attracted Tiger Woods to Emma Rotherham, the Canadian beauty who now joins the ranks of mistresses who've been outed since the star golfer's fall from grace.

The 19th lover to be exposed to the world is a 42-year-old Montreal native, who may even be in the United States illegally, according to reports.

In an interview with a Vancouver paper, family members said she holds both a British and a Canadian passport and had been living in Florida. Other sources said she might've been in the United States illegally after being deported a few years ago.

While the tabloids had her pegged, news of the affair hit relatives like a surprise blow from a nine iron.

"We had heard rumours … and then came the shock," the woman's sister-in-law told the paper. "I am worried for the kids … they are taking it badly," she said.

Ms. Rotherham's daughters, one aged 25 and a makeup artist graduating from Vancouver Film School, and another, age 16 and living with her mother in Celebration, Fla., are reportedly from her marriage to a Canadian man who works as a creative director with an ad agency in Moscow. While the pair have separated, family said the divorce hasn't been completed.

Details of the affair play out much like other tawdry Tiger tales from alleged ladies on the side.

Mr. Woods allegedly paid her more than $500,000 (Canadian) to keep mum during their 18-month affair, British tabloids report.

"Emma was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and e-mails from him."

She also is said to have made up elaborate tales to keep the relationship under wraps.

"She'd tell family and friends she was going for golf lessons with Jose and his name was saved on her phone under that name," a source told The Sun in Britain.

Ms. Rotherham apparently met the golfer at a Miami nightclub in May 2008, when the affair reportedly began.

Despite the dramatics, Ms. Rotherham seems nothing like the other mistresses - the porn stars and cocktail waitresses, some of whom are capitalizing off their fame by selling products.

Reached Tuesday, Florida neighbour Barbara Schneid said she hadn't seen the blonde woman and her daughter, who are said to live in the Disney branded enclave near Mr. Woods's Orlando home. The phone line at the home was disconnected last night.