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Colonel Russell Williams former Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton is escorted from the Belleville courthouse, October 18, 2010. (FRED THORNHILL/Fred Thornhill/Reuters)
Colonel Russell Williams former Commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton is escorted from the Belleville courthouse, October 18, 2010. (FRED THORNHILL/Fred Thornhill/Reuters)

Col. Williams's murder victims pleaded for their lives before death Add to ...

At first, Col. Williams did not confess. But after being confronted with the boot print, and persistent questioning from Det. Sgt. Jim Smyth, the colonel told the officer: "I want to minimize the impact on my wife." He told the officer to get a map. Col. Williams pointed out a location and then took the officer to Ms. Lloyd's body. He also confessed to the murder of Cpl. Comeau and the attacks on his neighbours.

Col. Williams transferred the tapes of the attacks on Ms. Lloyd to his computer in the days between her death and his arrest. He wrapped the tapes in electrical tape and hid them in a piano at his cottage. During the police search of his Ottawa home, officers found a black skull cap, a guide to lock-picking, hard drives containing evidence of his crimes stored in the ceiling of his basement, and bags of women's underwear.

Earlier Tuesday, court also heard about one of the two sexual assaults to which the colonel pleaded guilty.

In September, 2009, he broke into the home of Laurie Massicotte, one of his neighbours in Tweed, after she fell asleep watching Law and Order. Ms. Massicotte has waived the right to have her name covered by a publication ban.

He blindfolded her, bound her hands with wire, used a knife to cut off her shirt, then told her he wouldn't rape her as long as she allowed him to photograph her naked body. Ms. Massicotte begged him not to put the photos on the Internet. Police recovered photos from Col. Williams's computer of Ms. Massicotte posing for him.

After the attack, the colonel photographed himself in his disguise - a black skull cap and a pair of Ms. Massicotte's underwear draped over his face like a mask.

Ms. Massicotte would later tell police she believed the voice of her attacker was that of neighbour Larry Jones. She was wrong, but Mr. Jones underwent enormous trauma while he was a police suspect. Not until Col. Williams was arrested was the cloud above Mr. Jones lifted.

In the colonel's confession, he told police he hoped to knock Ms. Massicotte out by bashing her in the head with a flashlight; but to his surprise, she fought back.

Court also heard earlier Tuesday that during a Nov. 17 break-in at a home near Belleville, Col. Williams stole more than 40 pieces of clothing, a pornographic movie and a sex toy. The homeowner said he left a message on their computer saying: "Go ahead and call the police. I want to show the judge your really big dildos." He also took a photo of the message and of their cat.

On Monday, in an eight-hour public shaming that officially shattered the elaborate lie that was his life and career, Crown prosecutors exposed the former air force commander as a murderer, rapist and conniving predator who targeted mostly women but sometimes girls as young as 12 years old.

His guilty pleas - which were so extensive it took a court clerk 34 minutes to read his crimes into the record - were a sideshow to an almost theatrical exposé of his sexual depravity. In an address to Mr. Justice Robert Scott, assistant Crown attorney Robert Morrison underscored how more than a dozen of his victims were under the age of 18, girls young enough to have dolls placed on their beds, or Tweety bird emblazoned on their underwear.

In the end, the colonel's steadfast routine of photographing and documenting every last step of his lingerie thefts was his undoing; the prosecution displayed photo after photo on two flat-screen televisions of the colonel sprawled out on numerous beds adorned with flowery duvets and wearing all manner of women's and girl's clothing: bras, slips, thongs and negligées. In most of the photos he is fondling himself, and in all of the photos he is wearing the same focused and determined look on his face.

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