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80 Percentage of the world's merchants ships that could travel through the seaway in 1959

5 Percentage of the global container fleet still small enough to fit in 2005

4 Percentage of seaway's total traffic that is transoceanic

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30.5 Total cargo in millions of tonnes carried on the seaway in 1960

74.3 Total cargo in millions of tonnes in 1979

40.7 Total cargo in millions of tonnes in 2008

9,078 Number of vessels using the seaway in 1960

4,232 Number of vessels in 2008

240 Kilometres that a tonne of freight can travel by ship on a single litre of fuel

100 Kilometres by train

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30 Kilometres by truck

2.7 Billions of dollars saved annually in transportation and handling costs by using seaway instead of other modes of transport

Sources: St Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.; Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway Study, fall 2007, Pandora's Locks.

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