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canadian university report 2014: editor’s note

Globe and Mail editor Steve Tustin.Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

Welcome to The Globe and Mail's annual Canadian University Report, an invaluable resource for students, parents and educators involved in the school selection process.

This year, we're highlighting three important themes for students planning a university career:

Building a Better Student

We present the practical things you need to know in order to not just survive university (particularly that tricky first year) but also how to turn yourself into a successful graduate prepared to join the work world.

Academic and Social Innovation

We examine the merits, and spread, of multidisciplinary learning across the country, and the reinvention and evolution of university libraries as centres for people, not just books. Plus, we look at how constantly evolving technology and social media continue to make distance learning a smoother, more fulfilling experience.

School Selection

This year, we're introducing our new compendium of Canadian universities. These profiles, compiled by Erin Millar and Tari Ajadi, provide unique cultural and academic insight for readers on this country's 60-plus universities. It's a handy reference guide for students (and their parents) in deciding which schools to go to next year, or for those starting to think about 2015-16. As always, the magazine provides all the tools, advice and information that students, parents and educators need as they participate in one of life's most important decisions.

You can access this valuable information, and more, online at You can reach me with your comments and feedback at or @stustin on Twitter.