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canadian university report 2014: profiles

Canadian university students.Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

Choosing a university might feel like the biggest decision you've ever made. The good news is that Canada is home to so many high-quality universities that it's hard to go wrong. But that doesn't make choosing between the many options any easier. To help with your decision, we asked current students what they wished they knew before selecting their school. Some of their answers were predictable; they wanted to know about a university's cost, reputation and academic quality. But they also asked questions that get to the heart of the university experience. What is campus culture like? What are the students like? Will this university prepare me for a the job market? Will I get genuine research experience? And, importantly, which university holds the best parties?

We gathered information from professors, alumni and the universities themselves to describe some of the strengths and weaknesses of almost 60 universities in Canada. The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) informed coverage of the type of undergraduate education. But, most importantly, we spoke to real-life students about the good and bad of their university experience.

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