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2018 Canadian University Report

Canadian universities have a game plan for wooing top athletes

Improved availability of athletic scholarships and new revenue generation are among plans to attract athlete students by U Sports, Canadian universities' athletic body.


Universities at Confederation would be unrecognizable to us

In 1867, they were mainly religious institutions for sons of well-to-do families.


Lack of faculty diversity can affect studies and career aspirations

When universities hire diverse faculty members, they can simultaneously create more opportunities for students.


Off-campus housing tips for students

For those who don’t live in residence, off-campus housing services can help with accommodation geared toward the needs of students.


Students: Maybe you don’t have to choose your discipline

Interdisciplinary studies offer enriched learning by combining different areas of study.


Indigenous ideals at university

Can universities meet their commitments to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action?


Peace of mind: universities see spike in students seeking mental-health help

With a fifth of Canadian postsecondary students reporting depression, anxiety or other mental-health issues and 13 per cent seriously contemplating suicide, how are universities across the country coping with the increased need for counselling services?

Outside the classroom: five students explain how extracurricular activities helped them

Participating outside the classroom can help students develop valuable skills that can benefit them in their future careers

Prospective students: ideas and advice to help you on your journey to university

Canadian University Report magazine editor Steve Tustin explains what you can find in this year’s issue

The necessities: advice on what students can’t do without

Students and staff offer their thoughts on what you need ... and what you don’t

Students: Avoid all-nighter jet lag

Pulling all-nighters has long been a way of life for students. But lack of sleep can hinder the ability to attain and retain information.

Canadian universities a growing destination for international students

While Canada is often seen as a safe haven with high-quality schools, stepped-up university recruiting abroad has also helped to increase foreign-student attendance

What I wish I knew before I started university

Eight students across Canada offer their candid stories.

Students take sexual violence policies into their own hands

Those on campus who feel universities’ official policies don’t do enough are taking action to ensure current and incoming students have alternative options to report on-campus violence

Your 2018 guide to choosing the right university

We profiled more than 70 of Canada's universities to help secondary students decide which school is the best fit.

Five things to consider when choosing a university

University staff give prospective students tips on what to keep in mind.

Shouting online: Social media is driving an ugly tone in debates

Universities have many services available for students who are struggling, including some that have early-alert systems for flagging students who need help before it is too late

Shouting online: Social media is driving an ugly tone in debates

Universities have a role to play in educating students how to have robust, but respectful, clashes of ideas.

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