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the roundup

The best of the web on education from kindergarten to postsecondary, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail education editor Simona Chiose.

Graduate students in Health Science and Business Management were the happiest on campus, while satisfaction for graduate students in Ontario has dropped slightly overall. Debt loads over $10,000 also predicted lower satisfaction with university in a provocative new study

Students recognize vegetables are good for them but the carrots still end up in the garbage

A team of scientists led by Darla Zelenitsky, at the University of Calgary, is proposing that dinosaurs sprouted wings to help court other dinosaurs.

Teachers can have a huge impact on students' career expectations and ambitions, encouraging students to settle for middling jobs instead of "reaching for the stars," argues a British MP

MIT is not building campuses under its name abroad. Instead, it's collaborating with foreign institutions on designing programs and allowing faculty to vet any ventures

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