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Teacher education does not necessarily prepare teachers for the classroom.Hemera Technologies/Getty Images

The best of the web on education from kindergarten to postsecondary, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail education editor Simona Chiose.

New teachers anxious about their career choice

It's not an easy time to be a young teacher, particularly in Ontario where job actions and politics are overshadowing student learning, says one education student. Poor job prospects and textbook theories that do not apply well to the classroom further dampen the enthusiasm of those about to enter the profession.

Graduate fieldwork explores new cultures

Fieldwork for graduate students doesn't have to involve uncomfortable climates to break new ground. An anthropology student who immersed herself for three years in the culture of hackers found a rich vein of oral culture and folklore, from software names to manifestos.

Lunch grows on the roof

At New York's Fifth Street Farm, students from three public schools study the plants growing on their building's roof and then the cafeteria prepares them.

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