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the roundup

The McGill campusChristinne Muschi/The Globe and Mail

The best of the web on education from kindergarten to postsecondary, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail education editor Simona Chiose.

Asking real questions at university virtual fair

High-school students will be able to chat live with Canadian postsecondary representatives on Friday and virtually visit campuses across the country in the online university & college fair. Institutions include the University of Alberta, Dalhousie and Simon Fraser University.

Don't underestimate what students want in a university

Too many of the recruitment campaigns universities launch don't speak to students' aspirations, argues this blogger. Postsecondary education, she argues, "should be about making an impact on the world" not about whether prior graduates have managed to get through trigonometry and get out.

What is better than a GPA? An online badge

Online courses are better able to communicate what a student knows than grades or degree letters. Electronic badges can show the exact material that was studied and even collect reputational rankings that reflect how peers judge a course taker's expertise.

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