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the roundup

The best of the web on education from kindergarten to postsecondary, as chosen daily by Globe and Mail education editor Simona Chiose.

NYU closes Tisch outpost in Asia

Internationalization is one of the university buzzwords of the day but ventures abroad don't always work. Last week, the University of Waterloo announced it would close its program in Dubai and now NYU's Tisch School of the Arts is pulling up stakes in Singapore. Tisch Asia will shut in doors, likely in 2014, in spite of grants from Singapore's Economic Development Board.

Cutbacks at the University of Regina

While the University of Calgary is on a spending spree, recruiting 54 professors over the next year, the University of Regina is facing cutbacks to deal with the prospect of no governmental funding increases. The area that is most vulnerable is the budget for sessional instructors and TAs in some departments, who were hired in the place of retiring full-time faculty.

Google makes open-source hardware

Bored this weekend? Google has invented a book scanner that comes with a 21-page manual explaining how a vacuum cleaner, sheet metal and a home office document scanner can automate the task of digitizing books. The scanner needs perfecting, however, as it may have the potential to tear the pages of books. And yes, there would be copyright concerns.

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